cute costume for babyGHOSTBUSTERS

You will need:

  • white or khaki onesie (we used this one, they are so soft and have snaps in all the right places)
  • black boots (we used these ones)
  • Ghosbusters patch (yes! they sell them like that! And they’re the perfect size! I got them here)
  • cardboard for gun
  • black acrylic paint
  • scissors
  • plumping hose from the hardware store (sold in 10 ft for $6)
  • washi tape in red and black pattern
  • kid’s science safety goggles (we used these ones but these ones would have been cute too! or these ones!)

For the costume:

  1. Glue the patch onto the onesie (or safety pin if you don’t want to harm the onesie)

To make the cardboard gun pack: (note: we didn’t make a pack for the babies because they’re not quite at the age to have something on their backs, but for older kids we would have made a pack out of a cereal box and painted in black)

    1. Cut out the gun shape from this template and trace it onto cardboard
    2. Paint it black
    3. add on decorative elements with washi tape
    4. duct tape the tube to the guneasy diy costume for kids