cute costume for baby coke bottleCoke zerocute costume for baby diet coke bottle


  • craft cutter or scissors
  • template for logos
  • white and red acrylic paint
  • red knit fabric
  • iron on adhesive vinyl
  • paper towel cardboard rings
  • black onesie (here)
  • red onesie (we got ours from here)
  • grey onesie (here)


  • Cut out the logos with your craft cutter (so much easier!) or by hand. You will get better results with your cutter


  • I used a pattern here for the basic template and instructions. Make sure you measure the size of the child’s head to ensure the circumference of the hat will fit, and add 1-2″ for the seam allowances.
  • I did not sew on the bottom band, and instead just folded under the bottom edge about an inch and sewed it to secure.
  • The fabric I used was also a bit thicker, so instead of knotting the top portion of the hat, I simply cut a strip of fabric and tied it around the tip of the hat.


  • Paint empty paper towel rolls with a few coats of white acrylic paint. Let Dry.
  • Use tape to make straight red vertical stripes down the straw.
  • Remove the tape and let dry.

Cutest costumes for triplets

Photography by Anna Killian  |  in collaboration with Ali Hynek of Nena and Co  |  Onesies provided by Primary and Kickee