I immediately envisioned an early 70s hippie for our Love and Sunshine costume . I find that hippie costumes tend to be a little corny and I wanted something that you might actually find in your closet with a rad headpieces as the topper. I turned to cardboard extraordinaire, Merrilee Liddiard, to create some groovy headpieces. She nailed it! I love how they turned out. Plus, they’re just cardboard.


Sunshine headpiece:
  1. begin by finding a large and long piece of cardboard. Have someone trace around your head in the lower center portion of the cardboard to ensure proper fitting of headdress. This will be the center of the sun.
  2. Continue by tracing the sunshine template. cut out.
  3. paint your sun in fun colors, including a sun colored rainbow on the inside.
  4. glue in a headband. (We recommend a bendable headband so that it will bend into place properly.). You are now ready to wear SUNSHINE!Sunshine Headpiece


Love headpiece:

  1. cut out 42 hearts from cardboard. paint 6 groups of seven hearts in different rainbow colors. So seven burgandy, 7 pink, 7 peach, and so on.
  2. you’ll need a headband (we recommend a comb headband to help secure the hearts in place) and seven 14″ pieces of thick wire (we used baling wire but any strong jewelry wire or coat hanger, etc. will work)
  3. begin by placing a wire in the middle of the headband and securing it by twisting the wire up and over the headband and back onto itself.
  4. repeat this for the remaining 6 wires, spacing apart evenly
  5. glue on your cardboard hearts starting from bottom up.
  6. finish by glue on all remaining hearts. let dry and then you are ready to wear LOVE!
Sunshine Headpiece Love headpiece

diy-hippy-costume-from-craft-closet-24DIY hippie costumelove-and-sunshine-bath-and-body-works-lars-1-costume-recipe

To complete the costume:

  • headpiece for love or sunshine
  • shirt and jeans
  • authentic shoes