DIY Potted Plant Hat

Plant hat costumeby contributor Corrie Beth Hogg of The Apple of My DIY

I wear my ‘crazy plant lady’ badge with honor and you should too! I have big love for the plants I grow, for the paper plants I make, and for those I ooh and aah over at my local botanic garden! I firmly believe you can never have too many plants (just like shoes, ha!). This year, for Halloween I decided to make a ‘hat’ for all the plant lovers like me. It’s one part Carmen Miranda, one part Minnie Pearl, and two parts Agnes Arber! So, wear it to sing samba, to get silly at a Halloween party, or studious while tending to your crop. It’s super lightweight and comfortable and easy to make too! You can make the leaves using the paper plant tutorials here at Lars, such as: heart leaf philodendron, watermelon peperomia, or the swiss cheese plant.

DIY potted plant hat supplies

What you need:

  • basket pot (I got mine at Ikea)
  • foam
  • 1 sheet brown or black paper
  • scissors and craft knife
  • glue stick
  • sewing needle and thread
  • T-pins
  • bobby pins
  • elastic headband
  • paper leaves (see previous tutorials)

DIY potted plant hat1. Remove the plastic and cardboard liner from inside the pot. It should come out easily, I had to run a butter knife along the inside edge to break the little bit of glue. You are left with a basket with no bottom! This is what you want, it allows space for the curve of the head and hair.


2. Sew on the elastic headband to each side of the basket. Be sure to sew it across the center and stretch the band slightly. You’ll want to use 8-10 stitches on each side, really make it secure.

DIY potted plant hat3. Cut a piece of foam to fit inside your pot. Cover the foam with a circle of brown paper and adhere with glue stick.

DIY potted plant hat

4. Insert the foam and paper into your pot to form the ‘dirt’. Secure in place with T-pins. Make sure you are piercing the basket and going through to the foam. This helps hold everything in place, especially while dancing!

DIY potted plant hat

DIY potted plant hat

5. Assemble your plant! If you’d like to add more height like I did, you can make a few african mask plant leaves. To do that, you just cut out the shape, add details with white paint, glue a wire to the back and cover the wire with a scrap of paper.  As you are assembling your plant, if the leaves are moving around too much for your liking, add a dot of hot glue to the base where the wire meets the foam. Once you are dressed to impress in your pot head (ha! just kidding) use bobby pins to help hold the elastic band in place and have fun! How cute is my friend Kate in this hat? Adorable!

DIY potted plant hat plant_hat_5 plant_hat_2

Project and photography by Corrie Beth Hogg of The Apple of My DIY 


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