My new green sofa

the green sofa

I rarely talk about my personal home here on the blog and it’s mostly because I haven’t invested much time or money into making it look awesome and thus, I don’t want to take pictures of it and share it with you. As some of you might remember, Paul and I live in a basement apartment of a house. It’s actually super awesome for being a basement apartment. And it comes with the best land lords of all time, which is why we don’t plan on moving anywhere until we want to buy. It’s a walk-out apartment so it has more light than the typical basement and it’s street facing so it feels like a real home, but because it doesn’t feel super “my own” I don’t spend time on it. BUT, I recently got a new sofa and it’s been life changing. Let me tell you about it.

Green sofa

I bought a sofa and  love seat when we moved to Utah almost 4 years ago now (wow! time flies!). They were bought from craigslist from a couple who had bought them from a thrift store. I LOVE the shape of them and that’s why I purchased them, with the intent that I would reupholster. But, and maybe you can relate, who actually reupholsters??? I haven’t found a fabric that I LOVE and therefore want to invest money in, so they have sat there, gross with dirt and paint (because I didn’t mind painting on them because I was always going to “reupholster”, right?!).

Well, at nights, I spend my time searching for items to go in my dream house and I was dreaming about what sofas I would put in them. I really tried so hard to stay away from the green and pink sofa trend. I tried so so hard! However, I laid eyes on the Sven sofa from Article and I fell in love! I love its clean lines combined with the tufting, which I thought softened up the look a bit. I knew it could be combined with other styles, which I love to do. I want to take my living room to a greenhouse/botanical library type place with lots of plants and other classical elements.

the green sofathe green sofa

I hadn’t been a big fan of the sectional sofa until I saw it and I thought it would round the awkward shape U-shape room well. the green sofaOnce I got everything ready for this shoot I was astounded at how I suddenly loved my space. It’s amazing how a simple piece of furniture, along with how you style it, can really improve the space around you, and thus how you feel. I have a tendency to spend more time and energy on things for work and not my personal environment, but people! The things you surround your life with impact how you feel. It’s just a truth! It gave me more resolve to think more thoughtfully on where I’m spending my money because I think it’s important to be aware of what’s around you.

the green sofa

Anywhoo, I feel like though I’ve always felt like our home is “temporary” I feel ok with where it is right now and continue to dream about my ultimate pad. In the mean time, I LOVE my Article sofa. In fact, I’ve been sick for the past two weeks so I’ve been quarantined to the sofa and confession: it’s a treat. I might have stayed a couple of nights extra just because I like it so much 😉

Article prices are super reasonable because they only sell online, cutting out the middle man. So, it’s definitely worth looking at!

And if you love the idea of green sofas, here are some more you might love!

Favorite green sofas

Best green sofas

Favorite Green Sofas

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Sofa provided by Article 

Photos by Anna Killian 


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