Baby Lars’ French-inspired rattan nursery

French rattan cribFINALLY! All my years of pinning gorgeous children’s bedrooms come in handy! Not that I was particularly antsy, but children’s clothing and bedrooms are just naturally more whimsical and adorable and these are two adjectives that I can get behind 100%. You better believe that I’ll be documenting my nesting journey– I can’t let those 1,701 pins go to waste, now can I?!

Now, where to start…

Well, a theme for this year, in case you haven’t caught it, is mood boarding. Becca made one for her wedding and I made one for my personal style. They’re just so helpful in setting a foundation for any creative project. The tricky thing is, I haven’t yet revealed the sex of the baby (stay tuned!) and I don’t want to give away all my secrets yet, so I thought I’d start with the basics, the nursery!

Rattan baby cribs

Once I found out I was pregnant both times, I immediately started a secret Pinterest board to narrow down my 1701 options and I started to notice a trend. The nurseries I was attracted to leaned on the French side with a heavy dose of rattan. I have since done a ton of homework only to find that basically, the USA doesn’t believe in rattan as the Europeans do and if you want to pay $1500 in shipping, you too can get a rattan crib! Sigh! I spotted this one, above, on Atelier Vime’s site and it was inevitable, I fell in love. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have aged herringbone wood flooring and other lovely architectural features…

I did some more digging around and noticed that I loved the rattan mixed in with other wood elements and mixes of fabrics like the ones above. Though you’d probably attribute this one to a boy’s room, it could easily be changed up for a girl’s room if these colors and toy choices aren’t your thing.

I mean…Rattan crib

Rattan bassinets

I’m really digging the adorably sized bassinets in rattan with the more muted tones.

Rattan bassinet

Like any new mother, I’m unsure what types of furniture you actually need and found out that a bassinet is cute and small but you may not use it for very long. Dommage! I was informed by my dear friends who are mothers that a moses basket is a great transition into a crib because they’re transportable and cheap and once again, adorable. They’re not rattan, but they are a part of the same family so they flow well together. I’ll be doing a follow up on baskets so stay tuned!

Rattan day beds

Paul and I are quite practical when it comes to discussing our sleeping habits so we anticipate needing to spend nights in the baby nursery. Might as well make it comfortable while we’re at it! I’ve spotted a number of lovely rattan beds here in America. Hooray! Like this one from Anthropologie or this much more dramatic one.
Rattan day bed

No, I don’t think it would be wise to outfit the entire nursery in head-to-toe rattan, but I love the idea of bringing in one or two pieces to set the tone. Perhaps it’s a rattan crib and a lamp or perhaps it’s the daybed with some nursery animals. Who knows! I haven’t yet purchased anything. I love the idea of mixing in some vintage pieces too.

Here’s what to buy

Now, let’s talk practicalities for all of us not in France. I spent an evening gathering the rattan pieces that are available to an American audience so if you’re into rattan as much as I am, here you go! And I’d love your feedback if you know of more places! Baby rattan furniture

Rattan for the nursery

  1. Rattan crib from White Moss.
  2. Rattan bassinet from Pottery Barn Kids
  3. Rattan day bed from Anthropologie
  4. Rattan day bed from Serena and Lily (because I hear adults need a sleeping spot in the nursery too!)
  5. Rattan baby crib from White Moss. Ok, admittedly, I don’t know what they’re shipping prices from Dubai are, but I’m crossing my fingers for good prices!

Shops that sell rattan baby furniture

And if you’re lucky enough to live in rattan-friendly countries, here is a list of some of my favorite shops that sell vintage rattan furniture:

Custom rattan furniture

I haven’t yet found somewhere in the US that does custom rattan furniture, though I’m sure it exists (anyone know of a place?!) but I did find a place in Australia, The Rattan Collective, where you can get the most beautiful pieces commissioned. And yup, I already asked, and they currently do not sell to the US. (Pssst: this one and this one are my favorites!)

I’d love to hear from you!

Well, I certainly did not intend to write a full post about rattan furniture for the nursery. I guess this exposes my late night obsessions. Guilty! Once again, I’d love to hear your tips about finding beautiful vintage rattan furniture here in the US as the $1500 shipping price really bummed me out.

So, what’s on tap on the baby editorial calendar? A more complete baby mood board for sure as this barely scratched the surface, clothing suggestions, and more detailed posts like where to find beautiful diaper bags (I may have spent one or two late nights digging around!), moses baskets, basics, etc. If you have specific things you’d like me to address, I’m all ears! I hope I’m not talking to a wall! Inform me what you’d like to see!


  1. I know this is an old post but I have to know what happened to this gorgeous crib once your baby outgrew it? It’s perfect!


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