One Room Challenge Week 4: DIY Wall Moldings with Metrie

DIY Wall Moldings with Metrie

A bit of news to start off with: One Room Challenge is being extended an additional week! Due to the many natural disasters that have occurred recently in Texas, Florida, and California, our timeline has been extended. Definitely not a great reason to have to extend, but selfishly, this means more design ideas, more inspiration, and more time to make a masterpiece. Check out weeks one, two, and three. This week we’re tackling DIY Wall Moldings with Metrie!

This week we have been knee deep in renovation chaos! Tearing out baseboards is no easy task. However, if we can do it, you can do it! Throughout this One Room Challenge, we have wanted to do as much of the manual labor ourselves as possible. Of course, some things are best left to the pros (Hello electricians), but many things can be a DIY project if you’re willing to put the time and energy into it! So we put our big girl pants on and decided to attempt DIY Wall Moldings with Metrie supplies coming to our aid! It’s an ongoing process, but so far so good! I’ve created some easy tips and tricks for those of you who want to transform your space with wall moldings! It really is one of the easiest ways to really make an impact and transform a room.

We’ve included a few more inspirations pictures we referenced to get our wheels turning. There are so many possibilities when it comes to molding, and the results are high impact! Luckily Metrie makes it easy with Option {M} which are interior molding and door combinations that reflect current decor trends, making decisions easier on you!

Take a stab at your own molding masterpiece!

DIY Wall Moldings with Metrie

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As you can see, the sky’s the limit when it comes to molding! Even the addition of a simple chair rail can make a huge impact, especially when you apply some paint or wallpaper! We chose to go with the New Traditional design option offered by Metrie.

DIY Wall Moldings with Metrie



1.Plan your installation. Begin by measuring your room and wall spaces. Use a stud finder to mark the stud locations on walls and ceiling with a pencil. These are the places where it’s safe to drive nails through. *We mapped out our plan with tape first to give us an idea of what the room would look like with the molding. This is really helpful to get a visual and then you can tweak your measurements as needed before the actual installation. Make sure you measure precise and maintain accuracy the whole time so each square is the same.

DIY Wall Moldings with Metrie2. If necessary, rip out any old baseboards or existing molding and caulking with scaper and crowbar. Take out any aggression you’re currently feeling here, but be careful not to damage your drywall underneath.

DIY Wall Moldings with Metrie

3. Once you’ve purchased your moldings, cut them to the appropriate lengths. Remember, measure twice, cut once!

4. Put the molding against a framing square

5. Begin on your longer walls and end on your shorter walls.

6. Set up the miter saw

7. For paneling, baseboards, casing, and chair rail your corners need to meet at a 45-degree angle so lay the pieces flat on the saw and tilt the saw down to 45-degrees.

DIY Wall Moldings with Metrie

8. For crown molding lay the right angle against the back and bottom of the saw and then turn the saw to a 45-degree angle. Look up videos if you need a visual.

DIY Wall Moldings with Metrie

9. Do some practice cuts on small scraps of wood

10. Cut your pieces and test-fit the cut on the wall

DIY Wall Moldings with Metrie

11. Sand and file if necessary

12. Nail the molding in place, making sure to nail on the stud locations you found earlier.

DIY Wall Moldings with Metrie

13. Using the caulk, fill in the gaps against the wall and the holes from the nail gun. Fill the area and using a wet finger, smooth the area over, adding more caulk if necessary.

DIY Wall Moldings with Metrie DIY Wall Moldings with Metrie DIY Wall Moldings with Metrie DIY Wall Moldings with Metrie DIY Wall Moldings with Metrie

Now for some final shots. You can’t get a full sense of how awesome it will be because we still have a long way to go, but hopefully you can get a sense of the extra finesse they add to the room. PLUS, you can see a sneak peek of the paint color samples we were looking at. Any guesses on which one we are going with?!?! DIY moldingsFarrow and ball paint

*Outside corners are mitered, but inside corners should be coped. A coped joint is one in which one molding is cut to nest against the profile of another. This helps to disguise out-of-square corners, wall irregularities and problems caused by wood expansion.

Then the finishing touch, of course, would be paint! Yes, don’t worry, we’re covering up all the dirty wood with some beautiful colors! Stay tuned for next week to see our palette of choice!

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