My new normal

We’re 3 weeks into our new life with Baby Jasper and I’d like to say that I have a firm grasp on it…HA! I learn something new as if it’s going to stick, and then the next day it’s out the window. I guess the pattern is that there is no pattern…yet! I’m hoping it comes. So today, I thought I’d give you a glimpse into my new, very glamorous life, along with a few things that I’m loving. Listen, no need for social-media-jealousy-inducing feelings here, just a 3 week old new mom in oversized sweats. Pin away, folks!

Please note: These are the first sweats I’ve ever bought. I’m a notorious dress wearer, but the idea of wearing adult diapers in my nice frocks doesn’t really make me feel too great. I needed something that I could wear during the day and then hop into bed. It’s just TOO much hassle to change clothes, no?! First thing’s first: You know what’s been a total game changer? Our stroller. Total. Game. Changer. We got the UPPAbaby system, so the MESA car seat and then VISTA stroller, which all work together beautifully. As soon as they arrived at my doorstep, I was ripping the boxes open and assembling. There’s only so much sitting around in a smallish apartment that one girl can take. I needed to get outside. So we went on our first walk. Baby J didn’t love his first outing–he doesn’t love being on his back–but he LOVED it the second day and promptly took a little snooze. SCORE!

One thing I love about the VISTA system is that it comes with customizable options. You can use the bassinet, the car seat, and once they get older, the chair. The bassinet reminds me of the beautiful ones I would see around Copenhagen–they have the most beautiful children’s gear! And maybe you’ve heard of the Danish custom of getting their babies all cozied up in warm duvets and leaving them in their bassinets outside in the fresh winter air? Swear it! You can check any courtyard and you’re bound to see a bunch. I know, I know, it would never work here in the states, but it’s such a cozy thought. Going on our winter walks feels like a safer version where I’m not threatened to be taken away by child protective services. 

Bath time is NOT Jasper’s favorite, but there’s nothing better than a freshly scrubbed newborn. I mean, those smells! I could smell him all day long. In fact, I do! I’m glad we got our new Pergo flooring in before he arrived. It’s water resistant so it’s perfect for bath time and any and all spills that we’ve encountered so far. The clean up is so easy and it’s been perfect for our needs.

Lastly, changing time. Again, not an activity that J prefers, but I love the chance I get to rub those little (huge, really) feet. Is there anything better than newborn skin? NOPE! I cherish every moment I get with it.

My list of new normals could go on and on: diaper wearing (and not just for J but ME!), learning to sleep in a chair (again, me), typing with one hand on the keyboard while the other feeds, watching SO many episodes of Parks and Rec…and so on and so on, but really I’m just soaking it all in. I get so many people telling me to cherish this time because it doesn’t last long and I am, every single moment! I still can’t believe he’s so small, yet so large! In fact, his head ranks in the 95% while his body and weight are in the 50% so baby boy has some things going for him. Plus, like every parent, he’s a genius 😉 Ha! But truly, he IS pretty good at holding his pacifier in his mouth all by himself…for the most part.

I’m sure my list of “normals” will change again before too long, but for now we are enjoying this time of adjustment and learning how to make J’s first few weeks on earth a good experience.

Thank you to UPPAbaby for providing the stroller and car seat and Pergo for providing the flooring. 

Photography by Jane Merrit 


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