Rainbow Product Round Up

Rainbow Product Round Up

Rainbows continue to take center stage these days, and it seems like there are new products every week that are catching my eye! When spring and summer arrive all I want to wear are bright colors (actually that’s pretty true all year…) I decided to share some of my favorite picks as of late with this Rainbow Product Round Up. Let me know if you have anything to add to the list in the comments!

See all the lovely Rainbow Items and let me know your favorites!

Rainbow Product Round Up

Rainbow Product Round Up

  1. Rainbow Visor
  2. Rainbow Drink Umbrellas
  3. Rainbow Page Markers
  4. Rainbow Door mat 
  5. Rainbow Power Palette 5-in-1 charger
  6. Raffia Pom Pom Mule
  7. Rainbow Pom Tote Bag
  8. Rainbow Thermo Jug
  9. Beach Throw Rainbow Stripe
  10. Rainbow Desk Notepad
  11. Over the Rainbow Sunnies
  12. Rainbow Pillow
  13. Tassel Pouch
  14. Twisted Rope Slide
  15. Enamel Keychain
  16. Pajama Set in Stripe
  17. Rainbow Vase —  Now sold out! But make a DIY version here!
  18. Rainbow Diamond Rug
  19. Watercolor Palette Enamel Pin


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