Our office supply favorites continue with yellow and orange as the main attractions! Yellow is my favorite color and has been for a while now. It oozes warmth, optimism, and happiness, and reminds me of sunshine, flowers, and light. All things good! Here are some of our favorite accessories to dress up your new journals!

  1. Lemon pouch
  2. trash can
  3. mustard socks
  4. yellow circle crossover bag with poms
  5. Gouda cheese notepad
  6. orange stapler
  7. oversized orange paperclip
  8. yellow beret
  9. washi tape
  10. yellow fanny pack
  11. yellow earrings
  12. orange notebook
  13. orange pencil case
  14. tassel pillow
  15. cactus pen
  16. yellow sunglasses
  17. yellow water bottle
  18. Do Something Everyday that Makes You Happy notebook
  19. orange catch all