Lars for Wildbird

I’m pleased to share our new collaboration with sling favorite, Lars for Wildbird! The collection launches TONIGHT at 7pm MST. They have a tendency to sell out fast so I’d suggest setting your timers!

Jasper spent the first few months of his napping on us in a sling ONLY. It was the hugest lifesaver. Now that Jasper is super mobile (waaa!) and doesn’t like to be contained too much (or at all) we use it when traveling (remember our trip to Mexico?) and when we need to get stuff done around the house and he’s in the mood for a cuddle.

Resplendent for Wildbird

I was thrilled to partner with Wildbird because they make the loveliest baby carriers from linens, chambrays, and modals so they’ve got a lovely texture of the highest quality. In fact, they are the perfect blend of fashionable and functional.

Our sling is called Resplendent, named after the resplendent quetzal, a bird adorned with feathers that shine brilliant shades of green, cobalt, lime, yellow, and ultramarine. Like the bird in a jungle, the sling might appear simple at first glance. However, upon further inspection, you can’t help but be dazzled by how intricate and beautiful they both are.

Rainbow baby

Focusing on a rainbow was a natural fit for a lot of reasons (ie: Craft the Rainbow, My Life In Color, our journals, Dress the Rainbow, etc.). But, fun fact, did you know that a “Rainbow” baby is the term used to describe the baby that comes after miscarriage? True! And yes, in fact, Jasper IS my Rainbow baby! (You can read my posts about his arrival here and here.)

You all know I live for color, so I set out to create something as brilliant and beautiful as the quetzal itself. Looking at the sling, the first thing you notice is the beautiful earth tone of the fabric. It sets off the colors on the rest of the sling, and from there, your eyes can’t help but follow the brilliant colors that criss cross all over.

Starting with navy, the Resplendent is lined with splashes of orange and green and then… before you know it, you are looking at a brilliant rainbow of color. A Resplendent rainbow to be exact! And who doesn’t love to wear the rainbow? I know I do!  

It goes with everything!

I love the trick this design plays on your eyes, and perhaps even more impressive, the trick that it goes with whatever outfit you might be wearing on any given day. I knew the trick in designing a carrier specifically for color-loving mamas and papas was to think of the sling as an accessory and not the statement. My closet is SO colorful that I knew it needed to be more toned down. The Resplendent sling lends itself to the rainbow and adds just the right amount of pizzazz to whatever fabulous outfit you put together. I’ll be sharing more of the design process in a post next week so stay tuned!

Where to find Wildbird

It’s all that and so much more that makes me so excited about our most recent collaboration with Wildbird for the birth of our beautiful sling. I know I’m not the only one who wishes I could wave a magic wand on everything I have to do today (okay, every day). While that project is still in the works, this is the next best thing. I’ve been able to kiss Jasper’s head more times than I can count, and looking good while doing it makes it feel all the better.

I hope you love it as much as we’ve loved making it!

Head on over to Wildbird to purchase (reminder, tonight, February 27th at 7pm MST!

Follow Wildbird on Instagram for more updates! 


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