New St. Patrick’s Day items to the shop!

We’ve purposefully slow in adding items to our shop so that we can ensure that we do them really well–thank you for your patience as we experiment! And I’m pleased to say that our Valentine Shop was a hit (and don’t forget to take advantage of our sale going on right now!)! Thank you thank you!

We know that we have a large group of makers, which is why you come to our site, but we also know that we have a lot of people who “don’t want to make anything–can I just buy it?” and we are actively working to do that for you!

In the spirit of celebrating holidays, let us not forget about the green in all of us–St. Patrick’s Day. As you might recall, I recently found out that I’m WAY more Irish than ever ever thought (read about it here) so clearly, I must pay homage to my people. We made some really adorable pins to wear to help you avoid getting pinched on the big day–March 17th. But, they’re so cute, personally, I’d wear them year round. Who doesn’t want to carry some luck around with them?

St. Patrick’s Day pins and crowns

Included in the pack of 8 pins is a rainbow pin, a horse shoe, a gold coin, argyle, plaid, and more. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH and I hope you do too! Plus, they come on an adorable Tartan vest card so if you’re into gifting, it’s set and ready to go!

Also in the shop, are some paper shamrock crown kits that you can cut out and assemble for any Paddy’s Day festivities. It’s probably the prettiest way to celebrate in my humble opinion.

Head over to shop our St. Patrick’s Day items!



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