New Mother’s Day gift set

When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, we’ve got you covered! From plants, to botanical-inspired aprons, to the most adorable prints, you don’t have to look any further than this post!

We’ve teamed up with Piep to bring you the best of the botanicals. Read below for links to the perfect Mother’s Day gift!


We’re thrilled to announce our Mother’s Day collaboration with one of our favorite plant shops, Piep. I first found out about Piep when they opened up shop a year and a half ago in Riverside, California. I had been wanting a Pilea plant for ages, but didn’t know how to come about finding one because I had never seen one in any nursery. Turns out, they are the first commercial growers of the Pilea plant in the US! Score!

Mother’s Day gift set

We teamed up to offer an epic Mother’s Day gift set: 1 Pilea Plant, an apron that comes in pink, mustard, or blue, a gift card for mom (“How to care for mom”) by artist, Hilary Onyon, and a card on how to care for your plant.

The sets are available now over at our shop and at Piep!

NOTE: These gift sets are no longer available; however, the aprons are still available in the Lars shop, as well as many other gifts for Mother’s Day!

The aprons feature an embroidered flower in corsage position because every mother deserves a corsage on Mother’s Day, right? There’s a pink camellia on the mustard symbolizing adoration, a poppy on the blue symbolizing “remembrance” because whether you’re near or far, when your mother wears it, she’ll know she is cherished. And a lemon on the pink for healing and refreshment, because that’s just what Mother means!

The gift sets are limited edition. Order by May 7th to guarantee Mother’s Day arrival. US delivery only.

Head over to our shop to purchase! 


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