Paper Face Boxes with Astrobrights and giveaway!

Rainbow box

We’ve been working with Astrobrights paper for 4 years now (it all started with our popular paper plants project!) and we are thrilled to continue our partnership by celebrating their 50th birthday in May! We’re kicking off a month-long celebration where every day a new artist will share a project in one of Astrobrights’ iconic colors. Lucky us gets to do ALL THE COLORS of the rainbow. As if we could choose just one!

I’ve had this idea floating in my head for a number of months and an important birthday seemed like the perfect time to make it happen. I like to drop off little goodies to friends every month and I knew I wanted a favor box that was full of personality and yet super simple. Enter, face boxes. How pleasantly surprising would it be to see a smiley face sitting on your doorstep?! And then a smiley face in every single shade of the rainbow? There is nothing cuter.

Let’s get making!

Click below to see the full post and to enter to win their contest!


  • Astrobrights paper (we used Re-entry Red, Orbit Orange, Cosmic Orange, Galaxy Gold, Sunburst Yellow, Solar Yellow, Lift-Off, Gamma Green, Martian Green, Terra Green, Vulcan Green, Blast Off Blue, Celestial Blue, Terrestrial Teal, Lunar Blue, Gravity Grape, Venus Violet, Planetary Purple, Outrageous Orchid, Pulsar Pink, Rocket Red, Plasma Pink, Fireball Fuschia, Stardust White, Eclipse Black)
  • Template
  • Craft cutting machine with a fine blade and scoring wheel
  • OR craft knife (and cutting mat)
  • scissors
  • Glue
  • Paint brush (the foam ones are perfect!)



  1. Download the template (either for cutting machine or to cut by hand)
  2. If by hand, use a self-healing mat and your craft blade and scissors to cut the pieces out by hand
  3. If using a craft cutting machine, upload the SVG files. You’ll need a fine blade and scoring wheel to make the incisions and score lines.
  4. There are three pieces to the box–the top face, the top box, the bottom box. To make the top of the box, fold down your scored lines carefully.
  5. Apply glue to the tabs with a paintbrush (will make it smoother when it dries). Our glue dried rather fast so we did a few tabs at a time and then pressed them down individually.
  6. Repeat to the bottom of the box.

Rainbow circle box

Fill the boxes with candy or other goodies and gift to a friend. It’s perfect for birthday gifting or as an everyday treat.

We can’t wait to see how you make yours. Show us how you’re celebrating Astrobrights 50th! Create any project, post on Instagram and use #50YearsBright and tag @astrobrights for a chance to win a $500 American Express Gift Card. For more information view the official rules here.
Rainbow box


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