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When you have a little one, living away from family can be so lame. You want your children to get to know their grandparents, but you can’t be making epic long road trips all the time because #shortattentionspans and #sleepschedules and such and it gets pricey booking flights so often. My parents are in Southern California so it’s not too bad, but there are those moments where you just need your mom around. You know what I mean? For this reason, I was stoked to partner with the new Portal from Facebook this Mother’s Day.

I haven’t spent a Mother’s Day with my mom in MANY years, but after trying out the new Portal from Facebook, we definitely won’t feel so far away this year. Here’s why!

How to keep family close

My mom is my number one confidant. Whenever I have a question about my work or anything related to creativity, I give her a call. Her opinion and feedback is so valuable to me. Now that I’m a mother and have her grandson, we definitely call her way more now. In fact, Jasper is growing up so fast (he’s 15 months now!), each stage, no, each day, is a big day. He’s learning so much (like how to say no, pretty accurate high 5s, and awesome dance floor moves) and it’s all stuff you want to SEE and not just hear about.

After trying out the new Portal from Facebook, I’m hooked. And not just me! Jasper is too. We got the Portal+, which means that it’s an ample size for sitting out in our living room and viewing the whole fam. It’s enhanced with the Smart Camera feature, which automatically pans and zooms to keep everyone in view. When baby is shaking his groove thang in the background, the Smart Camera can spot him and keep him front and center just like how he thinks it was meant to be 😉 –it’s awesome! No more “hey, where’d you go”. It’s all right there!

We tried out Portal for baby’s first craft experience, which you can see in our video above. It was perfect! And it’s great for me too, because when I’m looking for feedback on my work, I can show her what I’m working without having to concoct a makeshift phone holder.

Perhaps my favorite feature of the bunch is Story Time on Portal. There are a number of books to choose from and it walks you through page by page complete with music, face masks and sound effects – you get to become a storybook character! As one who naturally loves reading in terrible accents, I’ve had a ball introducing them to my progeny. And he loves dancing to the beats (especially 3 Little Pigs).

I can’t recommend it enough and it’s it a perfect time to seal the deal with Mother’s Day this Sunday. Portal From Facebook starts at $99 and no doubt, Mom will love it! 

Learn more about Portal from Facebook here

This post is sponsored by Portal From Facebook but all opinions are my own. Thanks to our sponsors who allow us to create beautiful content for our dear readers.


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