Favorite places to buy boy clothing

The number one question I’ve received in the last year and a half is “where do you buy clothing for Jasper?” And I get it! Finding non-sports/camouflage boy’s clothes is a challenge. It’s not exactly something you can find locally at a mall and boutiques generally error on the side of girl’s clothing (this is one reason I wanted a girl so badly–the pinafores, smocking, tights, bloomers!). BUT, I have done my research and I have found some really awesome vendors who I love and I think you might love too. 

My Dressing Boys Philosophy

I’m of the opinion that, here in America, we have gotten away from dressing children as children. We put children in clothes that mimic adults or, even worse, teenagers. The problem with this is that the proportions are wrong, not to mention the style and colors and subject matter. Their little bodies are not suited for suits and button down shirts and specific styles of pants. That’s why rompers and bobby suits and overalls came to be and were popular for some time. For some reason we got into a phase where we wanted “boys to be men” and “girls to be women” so boys started wearing pants and shirts and button downs, even though it did nothing for children, just adults. 

Then adults started attaching labels to children: “your son looks like a girl”, “your son is going to hate you when he’s older”, etc, which, yes, has happened to me. I’m not offended by it at all because I realize that it’s rare to see a baby boy dressed in tights with a little romper that shows off his chubby legs. I think it’s just new for most people. However, the way I see it, the only way he will hate me when he’s older is if people are telling him that what he was wearing is wrong. And it’s not! The clothing I try to select for Jasper are ones that are appropriate for his age and proportional to his tubby body.

With that in mind, I’ve done my digging around for clothing companies that cater appropriately to little boys. Some are even organic certified, handmade, and well-designed because I find it’s important to have thoughtful and considerately-made clothing. Others are larger companies that make well-designed clothing. It truly finds me joy to dress my boy in beautiful clothing so I hope you enjoy!

Let’s go!

Favorite Boy Clothing Shops

The asterixed ones are my main staples and the rest are ones where I take a look and dream–sometimes it’s just nice to know that there are well-designed things out there in the world even though I may not get to buy them all the time! Ha!

  • Maisonette is the new children’s superstore started by former Vogue employees. It’s got a beautiful curated collection. Stay atop of their sales because they are GOOD!
  • * Did you know that Amazon has some great pieces for boys? You have to dig, but here’s some of my favorite pieces all in one place!
  • Zara Kids typically has well-designed clothing for boys (and newborns!). I usually shop their sales
  • Vintage Osh Kosh B’Gosh This summer I dressed Jasper in vintage overalls with no shirt because it’s ADORABLE
  • Polarn O. Pyret is based in Sweden and sells quality basics. Especially good for cold weather items.
  • Lewis has wonderful organic pjs. I’ve gotten the same ones in a few sizes because I love them so much.
  • * Winter Water Factory has fun organic prints. I’ve used them since our collaboration last year for every size!
  • Mabo has great basics for kids. Again, sales!
  • Smallable is another great store in France with international shipping that carries favorite brands. Again, great sales in July and January
  • Hanna Anderson has great basics. We’ve used some of their overalls and have loved them!
  • Caramel of London has a higher price point but oh so lovely. Nice to dream! But also, shop their sales!
  • La Coqueta is such a dream. I love them for church clothes for my boy.
  • Boden has a more traditional vibe with cute knitted items. Great sales!
  • Wowo has more patterned pieces. I first found them at a sample sale in Paris and stocked up.
  • H&M sometimes has some great basics but they fall victim to licensed characters.
  • Centre Commercial is a collection of favorite brands based in France with US shipping. Great sales in July and January!
  • Misha and Puff has dreamy knits!
  • Tiny Cottons is a rad Spanish brand with great illustrations and unique shapes.
  • Serendipity DK Organics Beautiful basics
  • Bobo Choses another great Spanish brand with unique colors and shapes
  • Le Petit Lucas du Tertre I love this French brand. Great patterns and colors.
  • Les Gamins NYC Great basics
  • Cloth Beautiful basics
  • Pure Baby DK Everything organic based out of Denmark
  • Liewood is a Danish brand. I got him this swimsuit in the picture in this post from there when we visited and it’s my favorite thing ever!
  • Konges Slojd Another beautiful Danish brand with the best stuff!
  • All American Mumwear My dear friend started a vintage shop and she has the BEST collection


Boy Accessories

Boy Shoes

Special Occasion

Ok! That’s it for now. I’d love to hear what places I should know about! Give me your best recommendations!

If you’re interested, I keep track of all my favorite shops on my personal Instagram @BrittanyJepsen

Also! If you’re visiting Paris anytime soon, take a look at my “Best Baby Shops in Paris” guide.


  1. I completely agree—I dressed my boys (& girls) in little kid clothes, not mini-teenager clothes! Pet peeve: baby boys wearing ties!! What the heck?!! Ties are kinda ridiculous on grown men, but babies?! Anyway, long live overalls and onesies (why put babies in clothes that have a waist? They don’t fit, have got to be uncomfortable, and are a pain to wrestle on and off!) and cute baby shoes! Jasper always looks so cute, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that he has SO much personality! You won the jackpot with that little guy!

  2. Oh how i feel for all of this! I can’t count the number of “he’s going to hate you…” or “he looks like a girl” and i couldn’t care less because they couldn’t be cuter in their rompers and shirtless overalls!

  3. I struggled with this as well, I don’t know why people are so adamant about gendering their babies to such an extreme so early on. They are babies! My son was so often mistaken for a girl in what I believed were gender neutral outfits. I think it is so much more socially acceptable to have a “tomboy” girl than a gender neural boy. I think children’s clothing starts enforcing gendering way to early & classic styles work so much better for the actual life of a child that it’s ridiculous that they would be separated by gender, what works best for play works best & if that means leggings or tights on a boy, why not??


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