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Whenever I look at work by Solange Azagury-Patridge I feel like I have stepped out of reality and into a magical new world full of color, wonderment, and awe. It’s for these very reasons that her new London shop has left me basically speechless… Seriously, all I can say is ”WOW WOW WOW” or ”I want to go there” and ”ahhhhh….”. Because I love this design so much I wanted to go ahead and create shopable looks at two different price points so that we can all live in houses just as amazing as this beautiful shop!

Behold… Solange Azagury-Patridge’s London boutique. You may want to sit down for this, it’s just that good! 

Solange does all of the designing herself making her shops an “extension of [her] creations”. These magnificent stairs were inspired by different pieces of jewelry, each with their own inspiration but combined to create a sense of “visual chaos”, which as you know, is something that we can really get on board with here at Lars. Nothing better than a little chaos to get the creative juices pumping! 

The rooms are designed with gems and color in mind. This green room showcases the deep jewel tones that are found in the emerald with highlights of red so that the individual encountering the room will remember just how important that ruby is. Attention to detail is obvious in this room, and we couldn’t be loving it more! This rainbow room has moved me to literal tears. You know I am a sucker for a rainbow (I mean come on I’m only asking our designer to sleep under a rainbow!). I can only imagine what working in this rainbow room would do for me! This room made me so emotional I decided I needed to think through what a recreation of this room would look like. I decided to include two rooms designed by price points: one driven by unlimited funds and one that will give your wallet a bit of a break.

Shop the look: Rainbow Room

  1. Pink paint – Sherwin Williams “Innocence” (SW6302)
  2. Agatha Pendant
  3. Sculptural mid-century Italian lounge chairs (pair)
  4. Graff coffee table
  5. Parallel reality carpet tiles
  6. Escape geometric pendant
  7. Panton chairs
  8. Easterbrook coffee table
  9. Fifth Avenue rug

If the rainbow didn’t put a smile on your face this sunshine room will. I am drawn to the color yellow constantly, its enigmatic nature leaves me feeling refreshed ready to take on new tasks! One of the things we love about this room (and it’s a common occurrence in the house is that) is the yellow chair that was found on the street and recovered to make new for the room. I am all about reusing what already exists and I think this room so elegantly demonstrates that! Also I can’t not mention the carpet in here! I love it! 

Shop the look: Sunshine Room

  1. Yellow paint – Sherwin Williams “Venetian Yellow” (SW 1666)
  2. Aubrey sofa
  3. Egg chair
  4. Zara Euro pillow
  5. Cheetah pom pom pillow
  6. Maze collection area rug
  7. Martines sofa
  8. Saarenin executive armchair
  9. Stars pillow
  10. Bia tassel pillow
  11. Hand tufted area rug

The treetops room, what can I say? A little creepy crawly never hurt anyone! I wouldn’t call myself a “nature” person by any means but anytime I can bring nature indoors and make it comfortable I am all about it! This room so elegantly captures so many fun and wild elements of nature that I would love to see in my home! 

Shop the look: Treetops Room

  1. Tropical rainforest wallpaper
  2. Leopard parson chairs
  3. Rainbow delight lumbar pillow
  4. Snakes rug
  5. Scenic wallpaper
  6. Leopard ottoman
  7. Rainbow stripe kilim pillow
  8. Feroz fer area rug

These are just a handful of the rooms I love in this shop! As much as I would love to tell you every last reason I am in love with this amazing space designed by the incredible Solange Azagury-Patridge, I want each one of you to have the same awe inspiring moments I had experiencing it! Make sure you look up her store and comment below what it is you love most about her design!



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