To know her is to love her and today you will get to know her AND love her. I was honored to sit down with the one and only Brooke White, of American Idol fame, a couple of weeks ago and talk to her about her new album out TODAY. Calico is her version of Nashville (California + Country = CaliCo!). She never made out East as she thought she might (2 kids might do it to ya) so she brought it to her and you know what? She made gold! Admittedly, I’m not the biggest country music fan myself, but her vibe is California cool with a kick-back flavor. It’s everything you feel as you’re coasting PCH with the wild straw on one side and the great big blue on the other.


I was inspired by one of her more upbeat songs, Boots, and couldn’t help but think that we needed to bedazzle our own so bedazzle we did! She joined us in the studio and we went to town. And in the process, she shared some of her journey on American Idol, how Boots almost didn’t make the cut, and some life advice from Snoop Dogg. So come pull up a chair and stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Brooke!

Her album is out today. You can purchase here! And if I can make a recommendation, I’d go for the sun-inspired vinyl record. It’s beautiful!