New in the shop: Christmas decorations

You may have seen our recent line of wrapping paper but have you have you seen our ornaments and holiday decor yet?! In case you can’t tell we are in the Christmas mindset here at Lars, sugar plums dancing in our heads and everything. So, it only made sense to embrace the Christmas feels instead of suppress them. And embrace we did! Starting with wrapping paper and leading up to so much more! Including these ornaments that we have decided would look lovely on each and every one of your Christmas trees (especially with that Lars wrapping paper underneath *wink* *wink*).

Holiday decor with Lars

We agonized over for weeks over picking the right ornaments each one handcrafted from makers around the world and all for you and this is what we have come up with! We hope you love them as much as we do! Get them while they’re hot! Supplies are limited!

Frida Kahlo – You know we love Frida here. I can’t think of a more iconic lovely figure than Frida on my tree, I can already feel the creativity in my house spiking! 

Cherry – Keeping things classic with these lovely cherries, they are the perfect pop of color for any tree keeping things festive with red! Plus, they remind me of one of my favorite wallpapers from Monica.

Macarons – All I can say is Oui Oui, Mon Ami!

Retro Ombre Spindles – Basically, we just couldn’t say no to these. There is something so lovely about the classic with a little retro twist!

Pink hanging plant – We aren’t always very good at keeping them alive here at Lars but that doesn’t mean we don’t love them any less! Plus this little plant hanger is so cute!

Folk Balls with Dala Horse – I mean, does this not scream The House That Lars Built!? Give me a dala horse anytime!

St. Lucia – Let me reiterate, does this not scream The House That Lars Built!? Always love St. Lucia (remember this crown?!)

And we have a number of other goodies that you won’t want to miss!

Shop the collection here!

Quantities are limited. We cant wait to see these on your trees!


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