Gift Guide: $100 and Under

Ask and ye shall receive, the $100 dollar gift guide is here and looking pretty good if I do say so myself. These are the items I’m not so secretly hoping that Paul will take note of. Let’s see if he reads the site anymore…Paul? Hint, hint!

1. Bolero Hat
2. Rattan Pendant Lamp
3. Ring Handle Tote Bag
4. Copper Pedestal Vase
5. Watering can + Mister
6. Stripe Basket
7. Wallet Clutch
8. Stripe Fuzzy Blanket
9. Mustard Boots
10. Small Red Jug
11. Ceramic Bowls
12. Doma Flatware
13. Floral Hoop Earrings
14. Embroidered Pillow

Check out our $25 and $50 gift guides for all you holiday needs!

This $100 Dollar gift guide has something for everyone you know! Even your pickiest loved ones will love these! Check it out now and be sure to tag your finds with us at #HolidaysWithLars!


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