Quarantine Creativity: Flower drawing challenge

Well, we’re a couple weeks (or months, depending on where you’re located) into having more inside time than we’ve ever had before. We know it’s been a tough for everyone, so as we try to get through it together we decided we would do our best to help keep everyone occupied! If you’re looking to be a little more productive, pass the time, or even just survive the next few weeks, we’re bringing back our 31 flowers in 31 days drawing challenge!

We’ve received such a great response from you readers in the past. in fact, we still have people who are doing it! We thought we’d compile it into one big post so you can access it directly. You can also go directly to YouTube to get all the videos there and we’re thinking about starting TikTok and putting them there. I don’t know…I’m a dinosaur at this point and that sounds WAY out of my comfort zone.

Take a little time each day or, if you prefer, take a crash course in one day and learn how to draw all 31 types of flowers! We could all use a little flower power right about now!

Let the fun begin!

Don’t say “I can’t draw” because we know  you can or at least we know  you will be able to in 31 days!

Draw 31 Flowers in 31 Days starts now!

Day 1: How to draw a poppy

This flower symbolizes imagination, could there be a better flower to start with?!

Day 2: How to draw a lilac

Lilacs are one of the first signs of spring!

Day 3: How to draw a button pom pom

This one is your florist’s favorite: button pom poms. Cute and simple!

Day 4: How to draw a peony

If you’re looking for some good fortune and prosperity you’ll definitely want to learn how to draw the peony!

Day 5: How to draw a tulip

This flower represents coziness and comfort so grab a warm throw and draw the tulip!

Day 6: How to draw a sweet pea

These tiny blooms are associated with thanks, so be sure to give a loving “thank you” to someone in your life after drawing the sweet pea!

Day 7: How to draw a marigold

You’ll see this flower around almost all spring and summer long, so you’ll have plenty of time to practice drawing the marigold!

Day 8: How to draw a carnation

Carnations represent admiration, draw these for someone you admire!

Day 9: How to draw a rose

The meaning of roses changes depending on the color! red, yellow, white, Love, joy, enthusiasm, what color will you be making your rose?

Day 10: How to draw a sunflower

Sunflowers are known for being “happy” flowers, making them the perfect flower to draw to bring joy to someone’s (or your) day!

Day 11: How to draw a protea

Protea Flowers come in many shapes and forms and therefore this flower symbolizes diversity, courage and strength.

Day 12: How to draw a gerber daisy

Gerber daisies are believed to lessen everyday stressors, perhaps the perfect flower to get to sketching!

Day 13: How to draw a daffodil

Daffodil symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings!

Day 14: How to draw a forget-me-not

Just as the name implies, forget-me-nots mean remembrance!

Day 15: How to draw a foxglove

The foxglove flower has both positive and negative connotations, which is understandable as they can both cure and kill.

Day 16: How to draw a protea pincushion

The protea pincushion symbolize courage, daring and transformation

Day 17: How to draw a football mum

Mums represent optimism and joy! Draw some of these to brighten your day and mood!

Day 18: How to draw a hydrangea

Hydrangeas have many meaning, however, In Japan, they are said to be a sign of apology or gratitude because an emperor gave them as apologies to his maidens. Do you have any apologies you need to make? Draw them up one of these!

Day 19: How to draw a larkspur flower

Larkspur flowers represent levity, lightness, pure heart, sweet disposition, desire for laughter, all pretty positive things we think!

Day 20: How to draw an anemone

These guys will protect you against evil and ill wishes, not a bad flower to have around even if it is just a drawing!

Day 21: How to draw a bird of paradise

The ultimate symbol of freedom and of course, paradise.

Day 22: How to draw an iris

The iris commonly means wisdom, hope, trust, and valor. I can think of a slew of people who I should draw this for!

Day 23: How to draw a ranunculus

The ranunculus flower is a symbol of attractiveness and charm and va va voom I definitely see why with these beauties!

Day 24: How to draw a snapdragon

Take a stab at the snapdragon, a childhood favorite!

Day 25: How to draw an agapantha

Spread some love today with the love flower itself, agapantha.

Day 26: How to draw an anthurium

Painter’s palette, flamingo flower…call it what you want, but don’t skip over this one!

Day 27: How to draw bleeding hearts

The miraculously shaped bleeding heart symbolizes unconditional love and compassion towards someone, a valiant flower!

Day 28: How to draw a dahlia

Channeling your inner creativity and strength by drawing the dahlia.

Day 29: How to draw eryngium

Get excited for this flower challenge because this flower represents enthusiasm, joy, bliss and everything wonderful.

Day 30: How to draw liatris

“I Will Try Again” along with happiness, bliss, enthusiasm and satisfaction are all things the liatris stands for!

Day 31: How to draw a calla lily

The Calla Lily is often associated with holiness and faith and is a native South African floral.

Be sure to tag us with #quarantinecreativity and #LarsFlowerChallenge so we can see how your flowers are turning out! 


  1. Thanks so much I really enjoyed doing this challenge during the quarantine, I looked forward to it every day!!


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