78 Creative Quarantine Homeschool Activities For Kids

Since posting our first Quarantine Creativity post, found here, where we organized our stay-at-home projects for every age group, we have grown such a desire to help out with your social distancing in any way we can! As the time spent at home grows longer, questions and uncertainty arise, and every one catches their own case of cabin fever (at least it’s not the Coronavirus!) the need for new projects grows too! Especially considering everyone is now trying to homeschool their kids without going crazy!

The entire reason we are promoting crafting during this time is we know the power of creating. Keeping your hands busy can quiet the anxiety and create color and hope in this gray time. We understand not everyone has loads of craft supplies on their hands, let alone the energy to wrangle your kids to clean up their “artistic process.” This post is for the days when you need something simple, clean, and work-free! Below you will find out favorite quarantine activities for kids that promote learning, curiosity, imagination, and of course, COLOR – without any work (or batteries) needed.

Just hand your kids one of these kits, books, or puzzles, and take a break! You deserve it!

Explore our favorite at-home homeschool activities for your quarantine creativity!

DIY matisse felt board for kids

Arts & Crafts Kits

Before you start imagining your freshly organized craft drawer getting messed up, DON’T WORRY! These crafts below come with everything your child will need to learn a new skill and make something amazing! All in one tidy kit. We like the sound of that!

What’s on your kid’s schedule today? Become a collage artist inspired by the MOMA, learn how to make beeswax candles, or even how to become a textile block print artist!


Learn something new during quarantine!

Keep homeschooling interested with mixing up the normal subjects! Math isn’t your forte? Now is the perfect time to get your kids excited about new topics like art history, gardening, meteorology, design theory, and more! The resources below will help!


Make homeschooling exciting

Though some of you might be loving having your kids at home all the time, trying to keep up with their schoolwork in the meantime might not be going as well as you had hoped. Below are some helpful tools to keep their math and geography knowledge as sharp as ever.



Favorite creative books for kids during quarantine

Need some screen-free entertainment to hand out? Your kids can be quite the bookworms by the end of this whole quarantine thing! Here are some of our favorites:

rainbow toys and activities for kids of all ages

Keep your hands busy and your mind clear!

We’ll say it again for the people in the back – KEEP YOUR HANDS BUSY. We promise it will help. If you have already finished all the puzzles at your house, this 1,000 piece Matisse puzzle will keep you busy for a while!


Get outside!


Have you heard of the game Kubb before? It’s an ancient Scandinavian yard game that -legend has it – kept the Vikings entertained for hours. We feel you Vikings, it’s definitely been keeping us entertained for the past few weeks! Buy your own set here and play with the entire family!

More Resources

quarantine creativity: how to keep your kids busy during social distancing

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  1. OMG I love these tips! The reading books one is something I’ve been trying so I can help build a habit for my kids to read more and more. It also helps me get into reading because I’m not the best reader myself. Going outside has been kinda hard especially when kids feel lazy but it works best when I make it sound like an adventure for them!

    Great article Brittany! Love these tips


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