DIY spring wreath lemon wreath kit
DIY spring wreath lemon wreath kit

Lemon Wreath Kit Now Available!

Do you remember our Easter Egg Wreath workshop? We may have been stopped from holding the full workshop, but that did not stop the creation of many adorable Easter Egg Wreaths, because we were able to convert the workshop into a delightful kit that we sent out to those who had signed up to participate! We thought it was such a success that we put together another spring wreath kit, just in time for those looking for fresh door decor (so, everyone, of course!).

This kit features our Crepe Paper Lemon Wreath. You know what they say, when life gives you quarantine lemons, make real crepe paper lemons to decorate your front door! This wreath is whimsical and fun, the perfect item to sweeten up any sour social distancing days. The Lemon Wreath kit is available for preorder now! And all the supplies will be included so you can get straight to crafting!

We have had many requests for this specific kit, so don’t miss your chance to order your own! Click here to pre-order your own Lemon Wreath Kit! Scroll down for full details.

You'll Need:

spring wreath lemon wreath kit

The perfect Spring wreath

The cost is $60 per kit, and we guarantee that you will want one! Can’t you just picture this sweet wreath on your door, or hung around in your home? It is the perfect spring wreath for this new sunny weather.

Each kit includes:

  • Instructional e-book
  • Video tutorial
  • Crepe paper in yellow, white, and three shades of green
  • 12-inch wire wreath frame
  • 12 Plastic eggs
  • Cloth-covered floral wire
Click here to pre-order your wreath kit!

spring wreath lemon wreath kit

Pre-order your kit now!

We sure wish we could be holding a workshop to create this with you. However, we feel that this kit is the next best thing! Social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t connect over crafting! We are so excited to launch the Crepe Paper Lemon Wreath kit to send you a little something from us here at Lars. Make sure you preorder the kit, to be sure that you get one while supplies last. Lemon Wreaths are an essential item, in our opinion! Included will be everything you need, from the crepe paper and egg shapes to floral wire for the stems. In addition, video instructions are included, for simple and fun assembly. After that, all you’ll need to do is pick a place to hang it and show it off!

And hopefully, our next kit can be a full workshop! Fingers crossed!


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