coloring page subscription for kids and adults

Win a free year of our coloring page subscription!

We’ve noticed that you all love coloring pages, especially the kind you can print off from your own home! Just this month we started our own coloring page subscription called Print & Color. How it works is, when you sign up for the monthly subscription, you receive a zip file with 15 downloadable pages that you can print as many times as you want. It’s $10 a month of exclusive coloring pages created by our favorite Lars artists.

I tend to find one song, book, and enjoy it for weeks or even months. If you do the same and find one page you can’t get enough of, keep on printing so you can keep on coloring!

And to celebrate the launch of Print and Color, we are giving away a FREE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION! Keep reading to find out how easy it is to enter to win!

How to enter to win

Every single person who signs up for the Print and Color subscription in May will be entered into a drawing. One winner will be chosen at the end of the month (May 29th). The lucky winner will no longer have their subscription charged – starting in June, and continuing for for the next year!

Follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for Print & Color, for your first month of your own monthly coloring page subscription (You can pause, edit, or end your subscription at any time when needed.)
  2. Keep an eye out on our Instagram on May 29th when we announce the winner!

It’s as easy as that! The winner will no longer be charged for their subscription, and will receive all of the monthly coloring pages for the next year, free of charge!

Please see our terms and conditions for entry.

coloring pages for kids and adults

Why we created our coloring page subscription Print & Color

Above all, we created Print & Color as a way for Lars Friends of all ages to discover their own creativity. Coloring pages are guidelines for whatever colors and style you can dream up. They are the perfect project for those discovering their own creative voice, or in a creative dry spell. We know from experience, starting the day with a coloring page warms up your creative mind and gets those juices flowing.

In addition, Print & Color helps support artists all over the world. Unlike other kid and adult coloring books, which contain pages all in one style, each coloring page in our subscription is made by a fresh artist with a fresh view and topic. The coloring pages are designed by some of us here at The House That Lars Built, while others are contributed by guest artists.

Since the subscription is monthly, the pages are designed with the specific month as an inspirational theme! So in May, you’ll see illustrations about holidays like May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Teacher appreciation week, and other springy-things like flowers. June pages will be summery, July’s will likely feature some Independence Day illustrations, and so on. As a result, it will always stay interesting! 

Who are our coloring pages for?

The short answer? Everyone. Whether coloring is a new hobby of yours, a favorite of your children, your preferred relaxation method, or D: all of the above, sign up!! Each month you will receive essentially a new book’s worth of pages to explore. In addition, you can also gift a friend their own subscription! Consider a neighbor mom who could use some homeschool help for her kids, a teacher looking for fun new options in her classroom, your friend across the country who could use some stress-relief. 

Whether you sign up for your own subscription this month, or gift one to someone else, that enters you in for a chance win the rest of the year subscription for free! And even if you aren’t the lucky winner, you will only be charged $10 a month, for a creative outlet much better than your monthly Netflix subscription.

Once you have colored to your heart’s desire, post a picture and tag us! #ColoringWithLars. Your piece might just be featured on our social media 😉 

So, go! Subscribe! Print! Color! Tag us! Win! 


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