DIY dyed watermelon blanket for National Picnic Month from The House that Lars Built

Dyed Watermelon Blanket for National Picnic Month

While it is hard to stay home in the summertime, we’ve made it a point to get out of the house as much as we can (without getting heat stroke). One thing that I have loved this summer more than ever before is picnicking and fresh fruit! I mentioned it in our post about Bastille Day. The perfect food to bring on a picnic is watermelon, and what better blanket bring on said picnic than a DIY watermelon picnic blanket?

Below you will find the tutorial to make your own hand-dyed watermelon blanket! Plus our top picks for a colorful picnics to fill National Picnic month!

And explore all of our watermelon themed projects from Lars days past, like these friendship bracelets, a printable tablecloth for your ~fancier~ picnics, and this peter pan style collar in the shape of – you guessed it, a watermelon slice!

DIY dyed watermelon blanket for National Picnic Month from The House that Lars Built

National Picnic Month + Watermelon Day

August is National Picnic Month, and Watermelon day happens to be in August too! August 3rd is the day to whip out those blankets, slice up some fruit, and head outdoors. Having an adorable (and on-theme) picnic blanket is the cherry-on-top for the perfect picnic.

This fabric stated out as a tablecloth that we turned into a cozy picnic blanket! If you’re reminded of the Harry Styles video, just know this was our idea first 😉 It was planned with friends and family in mind, all having a good time out in the summer sun.

This DIY watermelon picnic blanket is also the perfect size for social-distancing. Picnicking is one of the few acceptable social activities in big cities, and the perimeter of the blanket is a subtle reminder to stay 6 feet apart even while getting closer together. Just add some delicious food (like this watermelon limeade), outdoor games, and fun activities and you’re set!

Watermelon Sugar High

If you just can’t get enough of all things watermelon sugar, let me point you in the right direction. Obviously, there’s the song of the summer by Harry Styles for all you fangirls. We have a super cute tutorial on watermelon friendship bracelets, and I am hoping to cover my arms in them like sleeves. Feel free to send me one! If you love the idea of a picnic but hate the “outside” part, try this watermelon tablecloth instead. This one is all paper, and easy enough that you could make it a family craft. If you’re still not satisfied, check out this roundup post with a bunch of cute watermelon ideas! We’ve got everything from doormats to lemonade.


watermelon-picnic-blanket-11See how to make the DIY watermelon picnic blanket below! 

watermelon-picnic-blanket-16DIY Watermelon picnic blanketwatermelon-picnic-blanket-1Materials:

1. Fold a round table cloth in half , then in quarters, and again until you are life with a small triangular section

2. Mark with clothes pins where you want the green dye to end along the outer edge and where you want the pink dye to end. Leave a white gap between the two colors.

3. Dip edge of tablecloth into green dye, stopping at clothes pin. Keep cloth submerged for approximately 5 minutes or until desired color

4. Dip innermost part of tablecloth into the pink dye, stopping at the second pair of clothes pins. Submerge approximately 5 minutes or until desired color is reached

5. Let rest for 20 minutes, then remove clothes pins and spread cloth out to continue drying for a few hours or overnight

6. Hand paint seeds onto blanket in a radial pattern, being careful not to let paint leak through cloth. Let dry completely

7. Sew Pom Pom trim onto outer edge of blanketwatermelon-picnic-blanket-tutorialDIY dyed watermelon blanket for National Picnic Month from The House that Lars Builtwatermelon-picnic-blanket-21watermelon-picnic-blanket-18DIY dyed watermelon blanket for National Picnic Month from The House that Lars BuiltDIY Watermelon picnic blanketDIY dyed watermelon blanket for National Picnic Month from The House that Lars Built

Happy picnicking!

Colorful ways to complete your picnic for National Picnic Month


See more summertime crafts here 

Photography by Anna Killian  |  Crafting by Rebecca Young 



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