Ballon arch installation

The Original Lars Balloon Arch: Now a kit!

“Often imitated but never duplicated” is how the saying goes so we’re pleased to share that our original 2014 Balloon Arch is now a kit in our new Party Shop! Think all those gorgeous balloons in one tidy kit. Easy and beautiful for all of you not wanting to spend your time collecting the items, but just wanting to make the celebration special.

AND! We have a new technique that fits perfectly inside a package–it’s great for those who want the same great impact but with less work. The kit is now available here, along with some additional helpful aids for making your perfect balloon installation!

You'll Need:

Why Balloon Kits?

Back in 2014, I had this crazy idea: the Lars Balloon Arch. Since then, the trend has taken off like a wildfire and we couldn’t be happier! Balloons are incredibly fun and nostalgic for me, as they remind me of childhood. The architectural features of the balloon arch allow it to go beyond childhood party decor, however, and balloons have taken their rightful poppin’ place! That place can be anywhere and everywhere now that we’ve released the balloon arch kit

Lars balloon arch

So many ways to decorate!

Since then, we’ve continued to explore what is possible with a little bit of colored latex and a puff of air. It’s been so much fun and as I look back, I’m honestly surprised at how many different things you can do with balloons. They can be curled, tied, painted, sculpted, you name it. Most recently, we used balloons to create a Fourth of July bunting! Who’d have thunk?

Some of our favorite past balloon arch projects include…

The Original. This idea came while I was working on a collaboration with Anthropologie’s wedding line, BHLDN. They had a few specific pieces that I drew color inspiration from, the most important of which was an adorable flamingo! Hence, the pink only made sense. My favorite parts of this one are the structural twist and the greenery draping down.

The Chandelier.  We made we chandelier out of balloons. And it rocked. I only wish it could have lasted longer! The original inspiration for this structure came from a glass-blown chandelier. Surprisingly, you can achieve similar shapes and structures using balloons instead of glass! Part of why I love this piece is because it draws the eye in, and up. Additionally, the variation in size and shape is just too fun. I bet you could use our balloon kit to make something a lot like this…

The Jingle Bell. Part of the Christmas season is the magic, and seeing a floating set of giant jingle bells feels like a scene out of The Polar Express! The balloons used for this garland are gold foil *insert heart-eyes emoji here.* Using a different material makes this take on the balloon structure all the more original. Then, adding black vinyl will make them look like bells! Can you still hear the bell

Remember – We love seeing what you come up with, so if you make a balloon arch or structure, post a pictures with the hashtag: #Larsballoonarch! If you need a little help getting started, remember the balloon installation kit is here to help!

balloon arch kit

Would love your feedback!

We’re starting our kit in the original Lars Balloon Arch colorway, but we’d love to hear what colors you’d be interested in seeing. Or would you prefer custom colors? What about shapes? Would love to hear your thoughts so we can make it for you!


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