christmas gifts for kids

Christmas gifts for kids

This is the first year that Jasper truly knows that Christmas exists without me having to remind him all the time. He’s aware that Santa will bring him toys and so now I guess the pressure is on! I don’t love the idea of doing a ton of toys, just a few is enough (we already have so many!) so I like keeping expectations low. My thing is quality over quantity. I’ll let you know how it goes 😉 Here’s my gift guide for kids. Enjoy!

1. Magnet blocks Jasper is absolutely obsessed with these. He could do them all day long. In fact, he pretty much does!
2. Personalized crown
3. Garden quiet book I’m getting this one for Felix!
4. Classic red helmet
5. Christmas story collection
6. Fire truck
7. Plush mushroom
8. Floral waterbottle
9. Striped waterbottle
10. Sewing kit
11. Colored pencils
12. Frida Kahlo doll
13. Hansel and Gretel artwork
14. Wood eggs (Felix loves these!)
15. Advent
16. Duckie artwork
17. Little Artist art kit
18. Cozy slippers

Christmas gifts for kids

Here’s the rest of my guide for christmas gifts for kids. Hopefully there’s a price point for every pocket! I wish they made all of these in adult sizes! I’d be happy with that for sure! And once again, fair isle sweaters for the win!

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Christmas gifts for kids

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