children's christmas books

Christmas books for kids

I’ve been spotting this awesome idea over the years since having children–an advent calendar with Christmas books for kids. Have you seen it? I’ve spotted various versions of it, but the one I’m trying with my boys this year is wrapping up a different Christmas book for every day of advent putting them under the tree and reading one every day.

I kind of went crazy getting Christmas books this year and thought I’d share the ones I got and ask you what your favorite, most cherished ones are so I can add to my list!

See the full list and where to shop them below!

Christmas books for kids

I finally had the realization that while my children are young I want to get in all the wonderful books that make Christmas and childhood so magical. I don’t want to get to be old and think–“oh man! We never read that one and I always meant to”, you know?! Let’s do it while we can! The window is small!

SO, we had a few books on hand already, but I also went to some local shops and collected some more to add to our collection. I’m certain Jasper will be thrilled to 1) have presents under the tree to open in advance of Christmas 2) have more reasons to procrastinate bedtime and 3) hopefully get more more excited about Christmas because it’s the build-up that’s the best.

Here are the Christmas books I got for our advent this year if you’re interested in starting your own advent tradition.

If you’re looking for shop small:

Mochi Kids
Heirloom carries Christmas Stories by Bernadette Watts that I just picked up (and a lot more great choices that are hard to find!)

Christmas advent calendar books for kids

I also made this little video sharing some of the ones that I got on Instagram hoping to hear more from other people too!

Christmas book advent calendar

I’ve already collected all the books and the next step is to wrap them all up and set them under the tree. I’m thinking I may number each one so that Jasper can identify the number and try and find it (the alternative is to let him pick any book. Then we will read one each night.

You don’t have to go all out and buy everything new though–you can get some books from the library, borrow, or just use what you have.

Tip: Set them aside during the year and only bring them out when it’s Christmas time to make them that much more special.

What are YOUR favorite children’s books for Christmas?

I’d love to hear what books meant something to you when you were young or ones that your children love. What are the ones that you cherished? I’d love to continue adding to this list! Please leave me a comment with your favorites!

If you’re looking for more Christmas advent calendar ideas, I made this post with some more favorites!



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