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Crafts + DIY + glamping + Projects + summer / Monday, 18 Aug 2014

Color rock dominoes

As many of you head back to school this week, we’re still glamping! There’s still time to fit it into the summer, right? Well, these color rock dominoes would be good for any time of the year. I thought the color idea was a nice alternative to painting little dots onto the domino, and much more bold.
Materials: You will need 6 colors of acrylic paint, brush, 28 flat rocks
Step 1: Leave one of the dominoes blank. This will be the double blank domino. 

Step 2: For the rest of the “blanks,” leave one half of each domino blank and color the other half of that side of the domino with one of each colors. Once you use a domino in a particular suit, you will not use that color again in that suit. For instance, once you make the “blank-mint” domino, you will not use another mint with the “blanks” suit.

Step 3: Repeat this process with the rest of the suits. Avoid replicating any of the dominoes. Take a look at the picture above to see the complete set of domino colors and how to paint them.
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photography by Trisha Zemp (in studio) and Sheena Bates (environment)
styling by Brittany Jepsen
assisting crafting by Eleanor Mika, Ashley Isenhour, Kelly Curtis 

DIY + glamping + Party + printable + Projects / Thursday, 4 Sep 2014

Printable cootie catcher

We’re ending our DIY glamping series (take a look at the other projects here) with this cute cootie catcher that you can print off and fold. Perfect for a slumber party or afternoons of pure boredom.

Download the cootie catcher here. And learn to fold it here.

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Crafts + DIY + glamping + Projects + summer / Tuesday, 26 Aug 2014

Ikea hack embellished pillow

If you’re just joining us here on Lars, we are just finishing up some epic glamping DIY projects that would be perfect for a late summer glamping trip (check out the rest here). Round 10 comes in the form of this Ikea pillow embellishment using a little dye and yarn. You know that black and white Ikea pillow that everyone has? With some bleach and yarn it’s now pink and peach and ready for some pom poms! I love what Ashley did to it! Pom pom making would be perfect for sitting around a campfire, wouldn’t it? 

photography by Trisha Zemp and Sheena Bates 

crafting by Ashley Isenhour 

This project is sponsored by Harmony of Provo who has an amazing selection of beautiful yarns. Thank you Harmony! 

Click below for full instructions!

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Life + This week / Sunday, 24 Aug 2014

This week

This week…let’s see…what’s been going on? I’m typing from my laptop in Vancouver, Canada where I held two workshops at Poppytalk’s new studio and shop. We’re also visiting family and trying to see as much as we can of this beautiful city while we’re here, but I’m afraid we’re just not close to scratching the surface, which just means that we’ll have to come back again very soon. People are saying that fall has arrived back in Utah though so we may never leave this town as the weather has been perfect and fall to me means winter and winter means death. ugh. And yes, I’m overly dramatic.

These picture above is of the neighborhood we are staying in. How quaint, eh?

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photo from my instagram

DIY + glamping + Projects + summer / Thursday, 21 Aug 2014

Homemade herb firestarter

Greetings from Vancouver! This city is stealing my heart. I taught a paper flower workshop at the new studio/shop of Poppytalk and I’ll be teaching another tomorrow (psst: there’s still a couple of spots left! Sign up here).
Continuing on our glamping series, every glampsite needs a bon fire and every bon fire starts with herbs, right? Right! Kandyce of Ramblin Rose came up with his homemade herb starter, aka is nature’s perfume. Trust me, you’ll want in on this.
Materials: kindling, mint, lavender, twine (mint and lavender are natural bug repellents, FY!)
Step 1: Take a little of each herb and kindling and wrap with twine.
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