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Book Club + Life + Projects / Monday, 22 May 2017

How to press flowers in 3 methods

Sunshine Spaces by Beci Orpin

As you know, I’m a huge fan of Australian collage artist/craft/artist extraordinaire, Beci Orpin. She’s released yet another book (she’s so prolific!) and this time it’s about things to do and make with supplies from the outdoors. It’s called Sunshine Spaces and it’s definitely one to add to your craft library. It has a lot of basics for the beginning outdoors lover, such as a guide to indoor plants, a guide to natural dyeing, and other fun projects. Today, she’s sharing her tutorial on how to make pressed flowers with three different methods. 

I am an avid collector of many things, but old books are one of my favourites – I rarely walk out of an op shop without one. Quirky typesetting and old-school printing aside, one of the things I love about second-hand books is the chance of discovering a little surprise inside them. I’ve found many treasures tucked inside those yellowing, musty pages, including some flattened Easter-egg wrappers from the 1940s, a birthday note from an aunt to a favourite niece and, best of all, several books containing some beautiful pressed flowers.

When I was a child I used to press flowers with my grandma, and I remember never having enough patience to wait the weeks and weeks before the flowers were completely dried and pressed. Luckily for me, while I was researching this project, I discovered that there are several methods of pressing flowers, some of which allow you to cheat, so you don’t have to wait forever and ever before they are ready. This is good news for me, as I still have as much patience as a five-year-old.

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Projects / Tuesday, 2 Aug 2016

DIY pressed flower tray

DIY pressed flower tray

by guest contributor Jessica Pezalla of Bramble Workshop

Until moving to Portland, Oregon two years ago, I found roses to be a bit cliché or generic. But after living through a dark, rainy winter and experiencing the explosion of flowers in the spring, I’ve come to love the joyful exuberance of roses. Plus, the variety of types of roses grown here in Portland is astounding.

Lately I’ve become obsessed with pressing flowers and I’ve found that rose petals hold up very well to pressing. The Microfleur flower press allows you to press flowers by microwaving them for a few minutes—much easier than pressing them in a traditional press for three weeks. Plus, the color of the petals remains so much more vibrant! I created this DIY as a way to showcase the vivid and varied hues of roses. Feel free to experiment with other types of flowers- a simple arrangement of pressed leaves would be beautiful too! This project is the perfect way to preserve a flower’s fleeting beauty so that it can be enjoyed year-round.DIY pressed flower tray Read on →

Party + Projects + Wedding / Wednesday, 26 Jul 2017

Tea Stained Flower Garland

Tea stained Flower Garland

Did you ever have to distress or age an assignment in elementary school or junior high? Like burning the edges or tea staining the paper of a letter to make it look old? I remember my mom helping be brew a pot of tea for a history assignment and being fascinated by the effect. Well, we’re paying homage to those grade school assignments with this tea stained flower garland! We cut out loads of paper daisies with our die-cut machine and then painted them with tea bags to give the flowers some warmth. The result was better than we imagined, with various shades of honey-colored daisies! The best part about it? You only need regular old printer paper, a few bags of tea, and some twine. Things we all have in our cupboards. And things that are CHEAP. Beautiful in an all white setting with some neutral accents, this tea stained flower garland would be perfect for a wedding. No upcoming nuptials? Imagine a canopy of these flowers draped over a bed. Can you say dreamy?

Tea stained Flower Garland

Keep reading to download the daisy template for your die-cut machine!

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collaborations + paper flowers + Projects / Wednesday, 15 Jun 2016

DIY upcycled paper flower chandelier

paper-flower-chandelierDuring the summer I’m outside as much as possible, whether I’m weeding my garden or or sitting outside working on my laptop. I can’t let those precious sunrays go to waste! In those moments when you can’t be outside, why not bring the outdoors in with a garden chandelier?! Specifically, a paper flower upcycled chandelier fit for your home?! I partnered with method to repurpose a dirty old chandelier that I found at a thrift store and gave it new life with a good cleaning and hundreds of paper leaves. It’s so easy to turn a not so attractive lighting fixture into a beautiful home decor piece. Let me show you how.

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