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Artist Feature + Artist Interview + Life / Friday, 24 Aug 2018

Illustrator Feature: Victoria Riza

TAles from the Back Row printable posterWe are so thrilled to be featuring Victoria Riza as this month’s illustrator feature. Victoria was my intern many moons ago and it has been such a treat to see her setting out on her artistic path. I loved hearing her insights on how her upbringing and cultural background has influenced her path in the industry. From the get-go, Victoria has wanted to go into fashion illustration so I could think of no one better to illustrate our book of the month than her. If you’ve been reading this month’s book club pick, Tales from the Back Row, you’ve gotten a glimpse of that. Download this month’s book art illustrated by Victoria and take a look at her story, her favorite podcast, and advice on how to overcome setbacks. She’s also sharing the process she used to create the poster she created for us.Victoria Riza fashion illustrator

Let’s get to the interview of this month’s illustrator feature! 

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Artist Feature + Artist Interview + Design / Wednesday, 20 Jun 2018

Illustrator Feature: Rosie Harbottle

Rosie Harbottle

It’s our favorite time of the month and we’ve revamped our Illustrator Feature with all new questions customized to each artist so we can get a better understanding of their unique stories. Rosie Harbottle, who created this month’s Book Club poster and bookmark, is UK based illustrator with a passion for travel and culture that’s clearly expressed through her art. She explains in this interview how her style finally found her as she “stopped painting what [she] thought clients wanted to see and started painting what felt natural.” Words to live by! Her work transports us to other countries and leaves us with a serious case of wanderlust! Rosie’s online shop opens this week so make sure to check out all her beautiful work!Rosie Harbottle

Check out the full, inspiring interview with Rosie Harbottle!

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Artist Feature + Life / Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Illustrator Feature: Lisa Congdon

Lisa Congdon

Photo by Kimberley Hasselbrink

Chances are you’ll recognize her work, but if not, Lisa Congdon is a fine artist, illustrator, and designer you’ll want to get to know! I’ve been a fan of Lisa’s work for years. It’s bright, cheerful, and inspirational. Her work has been featured in numerous publications and she is the author of over 7 books! Her illustrations were featured in one of our last book club books, “Broad Strokes: 15 Women Who Made Art and Made History.” Getting a later start in the art world, Lisa is an amazing example of following your dreams and working hard for them. Make sure you download the book art she illustrated for us inspired by our very own “Craft the Rainbow!”

We hope you enjoy this inspiring look into Lisa Congdon’s creative process!

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Artist Feature + Design / Friday, 27 Apr 2018

Illustrator Feature: Lisa Grue

Lisa Grue

For this month’s illustrator feature, we were privileged to get to know the amazing Lisa Grue! Chances are you’ve seen her art before, as she’s worked for a number of impressive clients including Vogue Magazine, Anna Sui, and Benefit Cosmetics. Lisa Grue graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in 2001. Since graduation, she has received a number of grants from Danish Arts Foundations and has been selected in curated art and design shows. Lisa experiments with the design process and works with a wide variety of materials and media, including embroidery, porcelain, textile print, acrylic, paper and more. Her aesthetic is unique, combining her love of Scandinavian nature and urban inspiration. We know you’ll love it as much as we do!Lisa Grue

So let’s take a peek!

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Artist Feature + Artist Interview + Life / Friday, 23 Mar 2018

Illustrator Feature: Kathryn Zaremba

Kathryn Zaremba
Photo by Kate Warren
For the month of March we are featuring the lovely Kathryn Zaremba for our Illustrator interview! We actually attended graduate school together and it’s been such a joy to watch her career flourish! Recently some of her designs have been turned into the most gorgeous wallpapers that I am absolutely crazy for. Kathryn illustrated a beautiful print for our book club of the month, very appropriate for National Women’s History month. She is so talented and I hope you enjoy getting to know her a bit!
Kathryn Zaremba
Read the full interview with the lovely Kathryn Zaremba! 

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