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Artist Feature + Artist Interview + Life / Tuesday, 27 Feb 2018

Illustrator Feature: Amelia Giller

Illustrator Feature: Amelia Giller

This week we are interviewing the talented Amelia Giller for our illustrator feature! We love her empowering illustrations and her focus on women. If you haven’t, make sure you check out the free print and book art she illustrated for this month’s book club! As I was browsing Amelia’s portfolio, I came across her illustrated honeymoon photos and immediately fell in love! She explains, “On my honeymoon with my husband in Europe, I realized that our photos together were either taken by strangers or awkward selfies. I wanted to capture our fun in Paris and Amsterdam from our point of view, so I took photos and illustrated our favorite places.” How genius is that?!

We took a peek inside her creative process and got a behind the scenes look at her workspace. We hope you enjoy this month’s illustrator feature!

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Artist Feature + Artist Interview + Design + Life / Tuesday, 23 Jan 2018

Illustrator Feature: Jaqueline Diedam

Jaqueline DiedamFor this month’s illustrator feature we’re taking a look at the talented Jaqueline Diedam’s creative mind! Jackie is based in Cologne and graduated from Köln International School of Design, currently doing freelance illustration and design. I absolutely love Jaqueline’s style and could look through her work for hours. She also has some great insights on how to stay creative and avoid artistic slumps, which I really appreciated. Jaqueline often will illustrate her current scenery within a travel journal which I love! What an amazing way to preserve memories! She sells a variety of posters, stationery, and other items so make sure you check out her website to ogle over!

Jaqueline Diedam

Check out the whole interview and all her beautiful artwork!

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Artist Feature + Artist Interview + Life / Tuesday, 14 Nov 2017

Artist Feature: Carolyn Suzuki

Artist Feature

It’s our favorite time of the month! Our November Artist Feature is Carolyn Suzuki, an illustrator and designer whose work is sure to put a smile on your face! When I happened upon Carolyn’s work I fell in love immediately. The bright colors, graphic style, and quirky designs are right up my alley and I knew I wanted to share her creative genius with the world! She is a mom of two boys and manages to balance her time between creating and mothering, a feat in itself! Take a look inside Carolyn’s creative process and make sure to check out her work on her website, online store, and Instagram!

Read the full interview with Carolyn!

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Artist Feature + Life / Tuesday, 24 Oct 2017

Artist Interview: Michelle Christensen

Artist Interview: Michelle Christensen
It’s time for our monthly artist interview! This month we’ve been featuring a series of Halloween posts in partnership with the lovely Michelle Christensen. Have you seen them all? They’re sure to get you in the Halloween spirit! I’ve known Michelle for a while and she recently moved back to my neck of the woods and I couldn’t be more thrilled! She allowed us to feature her as our October Artist Interview! Michelle has such a distinct style that we love, we wanted to get a better idea of her creative process. We hope you enjoy the interview!Artist Interview: Michelle Christensen
View the full artist interview and take a peek into Michelle’s life!

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Art + Artist Feature + Life / Thursday, 28 Sep 2017

Artist Interview: Kelsey Garrity Riley

Artist Interview
We were lucky enough to have Kelsey Garitty Riley as our September Artist Interview! She was also our book club artist for “The Glass Castle”, and we absolutely love what she came up with! If you haven’t seen it, make sure to check out the printable here. That being said, Kelsey grew up in Germany and Belgium before moving to the US to pursue her art career. She studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design and now resides in New York. We’ve taken a peek inside her studio and asked her a few questions to better understand her process and thoughts as an illustrator. We hope you enjoy this behind the scenes look into her creative wonderland!
Kelsey Garrity-RileyRead the full interview here!

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