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Artist Feature + Artist Interview + Life / Friday, 24 Aug 2018

Illustrator Feature: Victoria Riza

TAles from the Back Row printable posterWe are so thrilled to be featuring Victoria Riza as this month’s illustrator feature. Victoria was my intern many moons ago and it has been such a treat to see her setting out on her artistic path. I loved hearing her insights on how her upbringing and cultural background has influenced her path in the industry. From the get-go, Victoria has wanted to go into fashion illustration so I could think of no one better to illustrate our book of the month than her. If you’ve been reading this month’s book club pick, Tales from the Back Row, you’ve gotten a glimpse of that. Download this month’s book art illustrated by Victoria and take a look at her story, her favorite podcast, and advice on how to overcome setbacks. She’s also sharing the process she used to create the poster she created for us.Victoria Riza fashion illustrator

Let’s get to the interview of this month’s illustrator feature! 

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Artist Interview + illustration + Life / Tuesday, 24 Jul 2018

Illustrator Feature: Normandie Luscher

This month we are tickled to be able to highlight our graphic design intern extraordinaire, Normandie Luscher as our illustrator feature of the month! If you missed the book club artwork she did for Leonardo da Vinci yesterday, check it out! Normandie is incredibly talented and splits her time between the east coast and her hometown here in the west. Between art school in Maryland, interning at Lars, and a million other projects in between, she keeps super busy! She shares her insights on the importance of work (and trust us, she works hard!), and being open to opportunities. Be sure to take a look at her portfolio and Instagram to see more of her lovely work!

Now let’s dive into the interview!

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Artist Feature + Artist Interview + Design / Wednesday, 20 Jun 2018

Illustrator Feature: Rosie Harbottle

Rosie Harbottle

It’s our favorite time of the month and we’ve revamped our Illustrator Feature with all new questions customized to each artist so we can get a better understanding of their unique stories. Rosie Harbottle, who created this month’s Book Club poster and bookmark, is UK based illustrator with a passion for travel and culture that’s clearly expressed through her art. She explains in this interview how her style finally found her as she “stopped painting what [she] thought clients wanted to see and started painting what felt natural.” Words to live by! Her work transports us to other countries and leaves us with a serious case of wanderlust! Rosie’s online shop opens this week so make sure to check out all her beautiful work!Rosie Harbottle

Check out the full, inspiring interview with Rosie Harbottle!

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Artist Feature + Artist Interview + Life / Friday, 23 Mar 2018

Illustrator Feature: Kathryn Zaremba

Kathryn Zaremba
Photo by Kate Warren
For the month of March we are featuring the lovely Kathryn Zaremba for our Illustrator interview! We actually attended graduate school together and it’s been such a joy to watch her career flourish! Recently some of her designs have been turned into the most gorgeous wallpapers that I am absolutely crazy for. Kathryn illustrated a beautiful print for our book club of the month, very appropriate for National Women’s History month. She is so talented and I hope you enjoy getting to know her a bit!
Kathryn Zaremba
Read the full interview with the lovely Kathryn Zaremba! 

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Artist Feature + Artist Interview + Life / Tuesday, 27 Feb 2018

Illustrator Feature: Amelia Giller

Illustrator Feature: Amelia Giller

This week we are interviewing the talented Amelia Giller for our illustrator feature! We love her empowering illustrations and her focus on women. If you haven’t, make sure you check out the free print and book art she illustrated for this month’s book club! As I was browsing Amelia’s portfolio, I came across her illustrated honeymoon photos and immediately fell in love! She explains, “On my honeymoon with my husband in Europe, I realized that our photos together were either taken by strangers or awkward selfies. I wanted to capture our fun in Paris and Amsterdam from our point of view, so I took photos and illustrated our favorite places.” How genius is that?!

We took a peek inside her creative process and got a behind the scenes look at her workspace. We hope you enjoy this month’s illustrator feature!

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