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Book Club + Life / Tuesday, 16 Jan 2018

The Devil’s Cloth printable poster

The Devil's Cloth Printable Poster

Readers, let’s hear your thoughts! Have you been enjoying The Devil’s Cloth? It may be a small book, and it may be a very narrow topic of discussion, but it’s packed with information and abundant food for thought. We’ve got some discussion questions for you, as well as other reading suggestions (Pastoureau has written several about color!) if you enjoyed this book. We also have more amazing printable artwork for you! This month’s illustrator is Jaqueline Diedam whose work is absolutely dreamy! The Devil's Cloth Printable Poster

Check out the discussion questions and download the Devil’s Cloth Printable Poster and Bookmark! 

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Book Club + Life + printable / Tuesday, 19 Dec 2017

December Book Club Art

December Book Club Art

It’s mid-December, readers! Can you believe it? What do you think of The Crossroads of Should and Must? Did you read it in one sitting like me? 🙂 Has this been the last (or first) push in the right direction for you to accomplish a life-long dream? We hope so! Here are some questions to think on as you sip your hot chocolate or eggnog over the holidays, and check out this month’s printable quote and bookmark by Marisol Ortega! Read on →

Book Club + Life / Wednesday, 6 Dec 2017

December 2017 Book Club: The Crossroads between Should and Must

December 2017 Book Club

December 2017 Book Club

The December 2017 Book Club book is a fun, quick, but introspective read. The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your Passion by Elle Luna explores the paths we take – or are too afraid to take – in our lives. What is your passion? What excites you? What calls you, so to speak? Have you always wanted to tap into your true, authentic self, but felt conflicting expectations heaped upon you? “Should” is destructive pressure placed upon us by others, while “Must” is who you are, your non-conforming, deepest desires, what will cultivate your full potential! Luna gives an inspiring pep talk in this beautiful book, and we hope you take some time to enjoy it during the holidays. Follow along @larsbookclub and be sure to stay tuned for a mid-month post with printables featuring our illustrator of the month!

Photo by Clara Sumsion Jones 

Book Club + Design + printable / Wednesday, 22 Nov 2017

Eccentric Glamour poster and bookmark

Eccentric Glamour poster and bookmarkHi readers! Have you been enjoying Eccentric Glamour? We’re hoping that even if you don’t live in NYC, (where you miiiiight be able to impersonate the Queen of England or wear a gold leotard with a mauve fanny pack) you’ve picked up a helpful tip or two from Simon Doonan! Here are a few discussion questions and more fun reading suggestions. This month’s amazing printable was illustrated by our featured illustrator of the month, Carolyn Suzuki, who we interviewed last week. She illustrated one of her favorite interviews in the book, the inimitable Lynne Yaeger, a contributing fashion editor at Vogue, along with a quote from the author, “Eccentricity is the oxygen that invigorates a happy creative life!”  Read more about Carolyn here and print off the poster and bookmark below!Eccentric Glamour poster and bookmark Read on →

Book Club + Life / Tuesday, 31 Oct 2017

November Book Club: Eccentric Glamour

Eccentric Glamour

To start off your holiday season, we’ve chosen something a bit lighter, a book to make you laugh! Do you love to wear funky hats or your great-Aunt’s costume jewelry? Or have you always wanted to wear those orange palazzo pants, but just didn’t have the confidence? After reading this, you might just GO for it! Eccentric Glamour by Simon Doonan tells you to do just that. As the Creative Director of NYC’s Barneys, he has loads of fashion experience (and opinion)! His frank and irreverent way of writing will make you laugh and shake your head, while you figure out your own signature style and read short, funny interviews with eccentric celebrities like Iris Apfel. Life’s too short to not wear what makes you happy, gives you confidence, and that little bit of “something else” – an aura of timeless allure. Follow along with us @larsbookclub and tell us what you think! We’ll have a mid-month post with questions and artwork, so stay tuned for that. Enjoy!