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collaborations + Design + Making a house a home in a rental + Projects / Thursday, 11 Sep 2014

Finding the perfect shade of pink paint

As you might remember, I’ve been struggling to find the perfect shade of pink to paint the walls of our house. In fact, I currently have a wall of paint swatches waiting to be painted solid. For some reason I’m super wary of making the wrong decision because I don’t like investing time and money into something that I may change depending on my mood. I take every home renovation idea seriously including paint colors.
However, I finallyfound inspiration for the perfect shade of pink with a tea towel I’ve been saving for awhile but the problem was, how do I translate that into the perfect paint color?
LUCKILY, Valspar stepped in at the right time and introduced me to their new line of paint + primer in one , Valspar Reserve. It features HydroChroma Technology which offers exceptional color matching and super-strength pigments. It gave me the confidence to find the perfect shade. With over 3,000 color options they gave me plenty to work with.
I finally have the perfect shade so which one did I choose? Watch the video!
It’s called Valspar Snow Pa and I can’t wait to show you what I’m doing with my place and how it works in my basement apartment. Stay tuned for the full reveal soon!
Valspar Reserve is available exclusively at Lowe’s, find the location nearest you here.
This post is sponsored by Valspar Paint

collaborations + Crafts + DIY + Projects + sewing / Monday, 25 Aug 2014

Ink-dyed clutch

DIY Ink-dyed clutch
As you might have seen from our previous projects, we’ve been loving our partnership with Craftsy. It’s given us the opportunity to try out new techniques. Our final installment of the series is the The Art of Cloth Dyeing class with JaneDunnewold. This class comes at a time when ink-dyeing techniques have made a full circle in their trend cycle. No doubt you’ve been spying all the shibori and tie-dying going on? Well, this class provides you with the basic dyeing techniques to do all of that! And today you have the opportunity to win a spot in the class (click here for more info).
In the class you’ll learn the entire process of ink-dyeing like the following:
  • color-mixing and chemistry of fiber-reactive dyes
  • learning how fabrics will react to dyes and absorb color
  • the supplies you’ll need to do it all from home
  • basic fabric manipulations like rubber banding, folding, pleating
  • how to mix dyes
  • the science of calculating how much time to allow for the dyes to react, otherwise known as batching.
  • The secret to a fast and easy washout.
  • Some more advanced dyeing techniques (they’re so rad!)
  • What to do when you’ve overdyed your project
  • What to do with your fabrics afterward
I had the talented Ashley Isenhour take the class and she said that the class was easy to follow and inspiring in creating your own projects with it. As Jane Dunnewold literally wrote the book on the subject with Complex Cloth and Art Cloth: A Guide to Surface Design onFabric, she trusted her advice and found it to be practical and easy to understand.
Ashley came up with a fancy application to the cloth-dyed fabric by making a black and white cloth-dyed clutch that you can take out and about on the town. It’s lined with a pink linen and I love how it turned out!
DIY ink dyed clutch
Click below for full tutorial!

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collaborations + Design + Life + Products / Friday, 15 Aug 2014

Sneak peek

I have some exciting news! I’ve designed 3 collections of dinnerware for a brand new company, Twig New York. Squeals! You know I love dinnerware! They’re letting me sneak peek a photo just in time for NYNOW, the gift fair in NYC, which starts this Sunday the 17th. The show is open to buyers and press only so the products aren’t available just yet, but once they are you will certainly know about it!

If you are part of the trade, go check out the new collections of Twig New York at booth 3148. They have collections with a few designers including one of my favorites, Molly Hatch.

Have a happy weekend!

collaborations + Crafts + DIY + downloads + Projects + sewing + summer + templates / Monday, 30 Jun 2014

Hand embroidered Peter Pan collar & Craftsy giveaway

When I was a little girl my grandmother taught me to embroider. I embroidered everything: pillows with pictures of tennis racquets and musical recorders (my hobbies at the time), flowers (of course) on sewn drawstring bags. I even remember turning in a math class assignment with embroidered pansies on a paper plate. Who knows why and how that was an acceptable math assignment….
It’s been awhile since I’ve placed a needle to form a flower and I’ve lost many of the techniques so when I had the opportunity to take some classes on Craftsy I was excited to re-learn the process. Together with my intern Kelly Curtis, I took Design it, Stitch it: HandEmbroidery with Jessica Marquez and today I’m giving away an entry to this class (enter here).
Jessica’s class was great because she clearly went over 25 rather new-to-me stitches showing each step of the way. Kelly mentioned that the French knot had always escaped her but she is now confident thanks to Jessica’s clear instruction. Score!
What you’ll go over:
  •  7 different flat stitches with design inspirations
  •  looped stitches     
  •  knotted stitches (like the infamous French knot!)
  • Crossed stitches
  • Fill stitches
  • Embroidering on knits
  • And how to create your own patterns, (which we did below)
And what’s great about Craftsy is that you can go at your own pace, bookmark key parts of the videos, and get a full refund if you’re not satisfied. Score again!
Kelly and I worked on creating a project based on the class and we came up with this floral Peter Pan collar that would be adorable to add to a dress or blouse. Don’t you think?! Continue reading below to create one for yourself with the full tutorial and free template download.
To enter the Craftsy class giveaway, click on this link and register with your email address or Facebook login info. The giveaway will end one week from today. Good luck!
assisting crafting by Kelly Curtis
styling by Brittany Jepsen
template design by Ashley Isenhour
Full Tutorial Below
  • embroidered collar
  • template for collar
  • scissors
  • fabric
  • transfer pencil
  • transfer paper
  • pins
  • sewing machine
  • ribbon
  • string floss
  • sewing needle


Peter Pan Collar

Free template download here 

For the peter pan collar using the template (download it for free here), cut two and sew right sides of the fabric together. Start sewing the collar together about 1/2 inch from the ends. Leave about an inch or so open about an inch from the center of the collar, but not the center. Trim the seam allowance and snip about every 1/4″, then turn inside out. Turn the seam allowance of the open part of the collar in and then press. Close the opening by hand sewing. Press both sides of the edges in a 1/4. Insert a ribbon of your choice into each end and then top stitch closed. Now you’re ready to stitch!

Trace the design with an iron on transfer pencil and proceed to iron on. For the flowers and leaves, I used a #3 needle and 4 string floss. The stem, I used a #3 needle and 6 string floss. The flowers were done with the satin stitch, the leaves were done with the fishbone stitch and the stem was done with a split stitch.

Note: This post was sponsored by Craftsy but the words are mine. Thanks to sponsors like Craftsy that make this blog possible.

collaborations + DIY + hair and beauty + Projects + summer / Thursday, 19 Jun 2014

Crown braid tutorial

We’re gearing up for our big Midsummer party on Saturday and we have SO much to do. There will be lots of handmade elements sprinkled throughout the garden so we’re getting our craft on big time! It’s turned into more of an effort than my wedding!
Some of you have expressed interested in learning the braided hair styles that we did for the Flamingo Pop shoot with BHLDN and I thought Midsummer was the perfect time to try them out. Jessie M, who created the styles, graciously provided the tutorials so you can recreate them yourself. Midsummer or not, they are perfect for getting the hair out of your way and looking adorable at the same time.
Click below for full crown braid tutorial!

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