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alt summit + collaborations + flowers + Projects / Thursday, 30 Jan 2014

Hand-lettered floral hanky collaboration

I’ve admired the calligraphy of Melissa Esplin of I Still Love You for awhile now and I was thrilled to work on this handkerchief with her for the Secret Garden party we threw at Alt Summit (along with Alix of A Ruffle Life and Erin of Candy Kirby Designs), the annual blogger’s conference in SLC (more deets to come on that). I created two floral designs and she added in her beautiful lettering and Spoonflower, the design-it-yourself-we-print-it company, generously sponsored the printing of 200 hankies as our takeaway at the party. They were gone in about 15 minutes. Yikes!

Isn’t her lettering dreamy? She is even offering a Valentine’s calligraphy workshop in SLC soon and teaches online. Check here for more deets.

ALSO, if you’re in Utah, there’s a network night for creatives in SLC tonight from 7-10 at Charcoal Loft Studio on 435 W 400 S, Suite 200. You should come! Check here for more deets.

The beautiful, crisp white photos are from and the yellowy one is mine. 

collaborations + Design + DIY + storytelling / Wednesday, 25 Dec 2013

The story of The Nutcracker

I grew up going to see The Nutcracker every year. I guess that’s what happens when your Russian ballet teacher tells you you’re too chubby to audition for it–when you’re 8. No hard feelings, I swear. Illustrator Michelle Christensen, photography Jessica Peterson, hairstylist Aubrey Nelson, and I spent a glorious day with model/former ballet dancer at Ballet West (and vintage seller and crafter) Nicole Choules of Elsa Bags making props and having a ton of fun doing this shoot. I thought Christmas was the perfect way to show it off. 
Merry Christmas! Thank you sincerely for following along on my crafty adventures. You mean the world.
props by Michelle and me
photography by Jessica Peterson
modeling/dancing by Nicole Choules
costumes provided by Natalie Taylor (thank you so much!)
oversized ornament DIY concept from Studio DIY 
Check out the behind the scenes photos below:

Aubrey and Nicole

Michelle and me

collaborations + Style + This Girl / Friday, 13 Dec 2013

This Girl & the making of

I’m experimenting with more sponsored posts this week, but want to make sure it’s not totally off kilter for Lars. If it is, just say, “Brittany, you’ve gone whack” and I’ll reign it in. Sponsored posts allow me to do better and more original posts and I’ll only accept them if it’s a good fit for the brand, if I believe in it, or if it’s something that challenges me creatively. 
First up, Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, asked me if I would create a post using their new Smart Search feature. I had been given a Surface RT earlier this year when I worked with MSN on my “These are the people in my neighborhood” series so I already had access to the new Windows 8 operating system. I gave it a whirl for this week’s This Girl and thought I’d share how I go about creating this series while trying out Bing at the same time.
Every This Girl is created differently. I might be struck by a white linen dress I see and then construct a story of what that girl might do in her linen dress. Would she go on a picnic? Or lounge on a chaise? Then I might search for those terms. This week, I knew I wanted to do a tartan theme because I LOVE me some tartan, especially at Christmas time. I think tartan has a misconception for being stuff. In fact, my dream is to do a hip tablescape with tartan or make some awesome pants out of it or something. I digress…
I knew I wanted a rug in there because I’ve seen some beautiful tartan rugs before so I typed it in and found the image above. Such a beautiful scale and color palette. With that, I knew I needed to keep it in the blue color palette so it would fit and I would need a table and a girl so I searched for those things until I found the perfect counterparts to this blue rug.
I bounced a few ideas around until I found a pleasing combination and this is what I came up with. 
The Smart Search allowed me to view the results without actually having to open a browser, but I got down to business and wanted to see all of my options at once. I found the suggested topics also helpful because I ended up finding images that were helpful and I bookmarked.
ANYWHOO, if you’re looking to create a similar idea, perhaps this might be a helpful way to do it. Try it out for yourself here on Bing
This post is totally sponsored by Microsoft Bing Search (could you tell?!), but all opinions and content are my own. #thisisbing

christmas + collaborations + DIY + gift wrapping + holiday + paper + Party + Projects / Thursday, 21 Nov 2013

5 gift topper ideas

photography by Trisha Zemp

I’ve been wanting to collaborate with my talented friend Kate Zaremba for while now (I wrote about her work ages ago–she did textile designs for Rachel Antonoff)–and finally the time is here! Kate recently launched her illustration company where she does adorable prints, wallpaper, gift wrap, cards and custom illustrations. She was kind enough to supply me with some of her brand new gift wrap and I made 5 simple gift toppers for them with all the instructions below. PLUS, we’re doing an Instagram contest where she’ll make an original design based off of YOUR inspiration. Just post a pic of your inspiration, tag it with #giftwrapinspirationcontest and follow @kathrynzaremba. The winner will be selected, Kate will design some gift wrap, and you’ll receive it as a gift. FUN huh?! Head on over to instagram for more info. Contest ends Monday, November 25th.

In the mean time, let’s make some gift toppers for her gift wrap! I made 5 of them: a perfect bow (based one one I’ve been spotting around blog town lately but can’t seem to find an original source for), holly and berries, paper pom, the pendant, the forest. Aren’t they cute? They’re so simple to make and would be easy for any holiday gift. 
For some really lame drawings that I did to show how to make them all, read full instructions below. 

I hope these drawings are sufficient. It’s more of an experiment. I can’t draw super well with my tablet so they are super childish, but hopefully they do the job. 
One thing for the bow, I sprayed two pieces of her gift wrap together so that it would be firmer. 
With the pendant, I sprayed two pieces of her paper front to back so that it would be firmer.

collaborations + DIY + Projects / Thursday, 27 Jun 2013

DIY shapeable headband

This is a full on DIY week! Phew. I’m exhausted. A couple of months ago asked me to come up with a DIY for one of their scarves. I decided go with a shapeable headband that you can turn into a turban or bow or whatever your heart desires. How do you get the look? Find out here.

photo by Maurine Dashney