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collaborations + Design + Interiors / Monday, 14 Mar 2016

Studio library makeover

Office makeover before and after

Lars contributor, Meta Coleman, is back for another home renovation and this time we’ve teamed up with Dutch Boy Paints to revamp her studio library. You won’t believe the transformation she made with a single color of paint and the addition of some molding. Plus, we had a fun painting party to boot!before-and-after-studio-library-TEXT

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collaborations + Easter + Projects / Thursday, 10 Mar 2016

Giant Arm Knit Bunny

Giant arm knit bunny

Last year I got to work with one of my favorite people, Anne Weil of Flax and Twine, on a fun project in addition to the book I styled for her, Knitting Without Needles. She popped into town to do some Easter projects. One of them being this amazing giant arm knit bunny. Isn’t it to die for?  Read on →

collaborations + Design + Projects / Wednesday, 9 Mar 2016

Daily drawing challenge check-in!


We’re 9 days into Creativebug’s Daily Drawing Challenge for the month of March with Pam Garrison. How’s it going??? Are you keeping up? I’ve already seen a big change in the amount of drawing I do and where I do it.  Read on →

Art + collaborations + Design + Projects / Thursday, 25 Feb 2016

You’re invited to a Daily Drawing Challenge

Daily drawing challenge for March! You're invited!

One of my personal New Year’s resolutions was to practice basic creative fundamentals: drawing, painting, etc. I have totally failed to do so on a regular basis in the past and I think of where I could be if I had (just like the piano. Gah! Why are moms always right when they drill practicing into your brains?!). With our limited time, sometimes “practicing” is just as easy as drawing one thing a day. Just one thing! So, I was thrilled to partner with Creativebug to kick myself into gear where artist Pam Garrison is leading a drawing challenge for the month of March called 31 Things to Draw. Tune in every day for a daily prompt teaching us one thing to draw. To keep ourselves accountable, she encourages us to use the hashtag #CBDrawADay where we can post our drawings. They did a drawing challenge for the month of January and you can see all 21,000 images of people practicing. It’s super inspiring!

I’ll be doing the challenge right alongside you. Find out more about the challenge below!

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collaborations + Projects + valentine's day / Thursday, 11 Feb 2016

Full House Valentines

Full House valentines

I was a full-fledged member of the Full House club. I think I can quote every episode by heart. You can imagine I might be somewhat interested in the Full House revival, Fuller House, new on Netflix. Mind you, I’m interested and yet totally frightened what might take place. Will it be just as cheesy? Let’s hope so! Just as didactic? Let’s pray! Please don’t change a single thing about it! And please let Uncle Jesse have a full head of hair still. I hear Michelle will not be making an appearance though (are we surprised?!).

To celebrate, we made some free printable Full House valentines illustrated by Lexi Nilson. We have Uncle Jesse saying “Have mercy!” and “Talk to me”, Michelle with her “You’re in big trouble, mister”, Stephanie’s “Hot dog!” and DJ’s “You’re no nerd bomber”.
Uncle Jesse valentineMichelle Tanner Full House Valentine

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