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collaborations + Food + Party / Wednesday, 3 Feb 2016

Valentine’s Day party cookies

Hearts hands eyes lips cookies Valentine's Day cookies

We are releasing our Valentine’s Day party next week. I can’t wait for you to see it. But I thought I’d give you another sneak peek of the cookies. We worked with Sweet Jenny Belle to produce the Heart, Hands, Eyes, and Lips and I love how they turned out!
Hearts hands eyes lips cookies Valentine's Day cookiesHearts hands eyes lips cookies Valentine's Day cookies

See the other DIYs we did for our Hearts, Hands, Eyes, and Lips party here:

Eyeball placemats   |  Hands holding hearts valentine invitations  |  eyeball drink stirrers

Cookies by Sweet Jenny Belle  |  Photography by Brittany Jepsen

collaborations + Life / Thursday, 28 Jan 2016

The name game

The House That Lars Built Sudo

I started The House That Lars Built for a grad school project 8 years ago. It was a residential interior design class and the assignment was to design a house. I created a fictitious family, The Showers, to be the owners and thought they might be interested in seeing the progress I was making on the house so I started this blog. I included pictures of each “family” member along the side bar. There was April the daughter, Abraham the son, Imogen the mom, and Lars the dad. Each one represented a different portion of the arts. April was the classical musician, Abraham the band musician, Imogen the dancer, and Lars the fashion designer.

After the class ended I continued with the blog yet the aliases remained. I was super shy to reveal who I was and I hid behind these names for a number of years and nervous about the implications that come with your information out on the World Wide Web. At this point, Facebook was now a thing and then one after the other social media became what it is today.

There came a point when I realized that I needed to connect more with my growing audience so I thought the best thing to do would be to be more open about who I was. Since that point, I’ve become rather lax in protecting my name. I share photos left and right, my Facebook login information is, no doubt, shared with the world. You see way too much of me these days!

But we’ve all been affected in some way by some breach of privacy. Whether big or small, it is frightening and and a violation of our safety.

I’m pleased to partner with Sudo, an app that is changing the online identity game. They are making it easier to protect you and your family by creating various aliases for the different parts of your life: social, shopping, dating, selling, business. They assign each section its own email address and phone number so you can work fluidly yet remain safe.
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collaborations + Projects + Wedding / Wednesday, 27 Jan 2016

Wedding albums & fabric gift wrap

Beautiful wedding album

…and 5 years later we finally have our wedding album printed! Ha! How’s that for taking our time?! Clearly I wasn’t in a rush to preserve our photos to paper but now that it’s to the point where “are we ever going to get this done?” I decided that I should probably put it down as one of my New Year’s resolutions for 2016. Luckily I was able to team up with Preservation and Creation once again to help me get the job done. I ordered a couple of extra so I can gift them to our parents and used some gorgeous fabric to wrap them up to stick in the mail.

With Preservation and Creation you have the option to create a beautiful, memory-keeping books in soft and hard cover forms with easy to use their drag and drop features.


Funny note: Paul had NO idea what he was getting himself into for our wedding. He was living in Denmark, I was in Washington, DC and the wedding and wedding prep was in California. That meant that we could sneak around and do whatever we wanted. Ha! When he finally got there he stunned to see that our house had turned into a paper flower factory with flowers piled up to the ceiling.

I included a few wedding photos of our parents, grandparents and great grandparents so we could keep track of our family heritage as we go. I love seeing how each decade celebrated in such stellar style.beautiful-wedding-album-from-preservation-and-creation-21

See how we gift wrapped these albums to give as gifts to our parents along with some never before seen wedding photos! Read on →

collaborations + Life + workshops / Friday, 22 Jan 2016

This week

Rubi Jones hair workshop

We had a ball getting glamorized at Rubi Jones’ book signing and braiding workshop earlier this week. As you can see, things got a little out of hand afterward. You know what oversized scissors does to some ladies on a night out.Rubi Jones hair workshopRubi Jones hair workshopRubi Jones hair workshopRubi Jones hair workshop

I just realized that it’s been four years since I met Rubi back in Berlin at the first blogging conference in Europe. It’s amazing to see your friends accomplish great things, grow their families, and grow as human beings. I’m so proud of her and all the great things she does!

Now! For some fun links for your weekend! 

This is stinkin hilarious and uber adorable

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Don’t forget! This is tomorrow night! 

Somebody make me this for my birthday! Please? 

Giant tic tac toe! 

Artists in their studios

Planter pun Valentines 

10 inspiring museums on Instagram


Happy weekend! 

collaborations + Projects + workshops / Thursday, 21 Jan 2016

DIY hair pinatas

Throw a hair party with some festive pinatas!

On Tuesday evening we were pleased as punch to host the release of Rubi Jones‘ book, The Art of Hair, with a braiding workshop and book signing here at the studio. We knew we needed something punchy and celebratory for the event so we decided to go all out with a brigade of hair-inspired piñatas. Along for the ride are a metallic comb, hair brush, blow dryer, shears (I was corrected that they are not scissors), and hairspray. “But, Brittany, what do I need a brigade of hair-inspired pinatas for?” Friends, the possibilities are endless (and I’m sure you can add to it):

  • braiding party (a la the intro of Full House)
  • treat yo’ self night
  • your salon, your friend’s salon, your wanna be salon (a la, your living room)
  • girl’s night out
  • weekend retreat
  • your bathroom/party room
  • surprise at a friend’s door for a birthday
  • and last but not least, Galentine’s Day party as shown by Kelly Of Studio DIY

You catch the drift.

Well, I’ve combined with Kelly of Studio DIY to complete the hair product brigade with an adorable hair spray complete with an air pouf along with a detailed step by step tutorial. Scroll down to see how hers completes the puzzle or check the full post here.Throw a hair party with some festive pinatas!Throw a hair party with some festive pinatas!

See the full troop and instructions below! 

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