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Crafts + housekeeping + Life / Wednesday, 16 Oct 2019

Introducing our New Organized Craft Palace!

If you’ve seen any of our stories lately, you may have noticed what might look like a small (or large) craft disaster happening in the background. It just so happens that this is a fairly normal occurrence for us. Our process looks a little something like craft, create mess, finish project, clean up, repeat, but right now it’s particularly a crazy fun house. After much denial of our crafting disasters we decided to face our problems head on and thats when we began our search for the perfect organizational system that would fit all of our stuff and take us from DIY purgatory to DIY heaven. And that’s when we stumbled upon the Original ScrapBox. Read on →

Crafts + DIY + Projects / Thursday, 12 Sep 2019

DIY Screen Printing at home

How to screenprint at homeWho else has been amazed by all of the fabulous fabrics that have been floating around as of late? We have always had an affinity for some well-patterned textiles, but it’s a love that can, at times, get squashed by our least favorite thing: cost. Thanks to a constant mentality of “I won’t buy it, I can make it” (which has gotten us both out of and into quite a lot of trouble) we set out to learn how we could create the fabric of our dreams, for a fraction of the cost. And of course, we had to make sure that we could do it from the comfort of our home.

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Crafts + DIY / Tuesday, 20 Aug 2019

DIY Paper Staghorn Fern

While everyone has their talents, most of us can agree that we are all pretty much bad at one thing; taking care of plants. Lack of light, water, or humidity, you name it. Whatever skill it requires to keep some small green leaves alive for more than a couple weeks, we struggle at it.

For that reason, one of our favorite plants is the outdoor fern. Yes, they do require a bit of upkeep to grow luscious and large, but aside from that they’re pretty easy, exactly how we like them.

Still, we wanted to make the lives of fern-lovers even easier, which is what inspired this month’s paper plant, the Staghorn Fern.  We prefer our plants especially low-maintenance, which usually just means we end up making them out of paper. So there you have it, a pretty near perfect paper fern. Not just beautiful, but practical as well. We think you’re going to love it making it, love having it, and most importantly, love not having to worry about taking care of it. In other words, you’re welcome.

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Crafts + DIY + paper flowers + Projects + Style / Tuesday, 28 May 2019

DIY paper peony

If you’ve been following along on Instastories, you’ve seen the updates I’ve been giving about my garden peonies. They are blooming slowly and not quite in peak season quite yet so we took matters into our own hands and made this gorgeous DIY paper peony bouquet. You can make just one on its own or many for a full bouquet. Think bridal bouquet or bridesmaid. How beautiful would it be?!

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Crafts + Life / Monday, 20 Aug 2018

Rainbow Care Package

Rainbow Care package

We all have that friend that manages to say the right thing at the right time, gives the perfect gifts, and calls right when you need to chat. I want to be that person! So I’m taking some inspiration from my all time favorite childhood icon: Care Bears! You can probably guess that Cheer Bear is my favorite on account of our mutual love of rainbows. Cheer Bear is all about joy, optimism, and happiness, things we all could use a bit more of in our lives. So we’re teaming up with Care Bears to give away a care package chock-full of rainbow goodies, including Cheer Bear and our book Craft the Rainbow. So whether you need some cheering up or have a friend in mind, enter the giveaway for a chance to win! Read on →