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decorations + Design + holiday / Tuesday, 8 Oct 2013

Decor for those who hate Halloween

I have a friend who says that she hates Halloween. I get it. We’ve turned a day into remembering the dead into a spooky, fright-inducing terror and the idea of dressing up in costume has become an excuse for girls to show off their goods.

HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean that Halloween cannot be done right. Steer it towards a celebration of the season, and it’s got my stamp of approval. With decor details of the fall harvest, you immediately impose good taste and warmth. Here’s how to do it:

  1. A simple line of sugar pumpkins or small pumpkins along your mantle. So classic. Pumpkin mantle
  2. One of my favorite places in the world, especially during Halloween, is Georgetown in Washington, DC. If you want to see it done tastefully, go there. Georgetown residents grace their stairs with hordes of lovely pumpkins and stalks of corn and mums in urns. From here
  3. Cut out a hole in a pumpkin and turn it into a diorama with a forest scene. So clever. Diorama pumpkin
  4. Tons of mini pumpkins in a cloche. I’m doing this. Pumpkins in a cloche
  5. Another stairway with tons of pumpkins. You just can’t go wrong. Pure class. Pumpkin entrance
  6. I love these frosty the snowman pumpkins. Carrots and pumpkins. Snowman pumpkins
  7. GINORMOUS pumpkins en masse outside. Paul and I bought seeds to plant a 500 pound pumpkin in our yard this spring, but didn’t think we could do that to our landlords. That doesn’t mean I’m not still aching to do this. Giant pumpkins
What’s your trick for a tasteful Halloween? See more ideas on my Pinterest board. I also wrote about some more ideas for the Caesarstone blog.

Art + Artist Feature + Design + flowers / Wednesday, 21 Aug 2013

Oversized flower paintings

You know this has my name written all over it. Thomas Darnell has created these amazingly beautiful oversized floral paintings–in this case it’s peonies–and it’s just enough to make your jaw drop. AND, he lives and works in the South of France, so pretty much, yes he’s living the dream. Aren’t these too much?!

I will gladly accept this as a gift. Big huge wink.

Thomas Darnell and his portfolio via the Artful Desperado

app + Design + flowers + illustration / Sunday, 18 Aug 2013

Illustrated flowers: the app

Hooray! I finally get to reveal a fun project I’ve been working on. On Friday, a brand new app called STUDIO was released in the Apple Store with an illustrated pack by yours truly. I had been wish listing making an app for awhile so I was thrilled to be asked to contribute. The app is quite fantastic. It’s like Photoshop in that you can work with graphics and add overlays to photos or what not. AND, you can also borrow elements from any user and apply it to your own designs. I’ve been using it for a few days and it’s so fun to try out new designs. PLUS, you can add it onto Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or whatever.
So what did I do? I created a pack of illustrations with the Flowers theme. Shocking right? I did a few for you right here as a backdrop to my profile to give you an idea of what they look like. You can change the shape and size to truly make it your own, but here I left it black and white and put it behind my picture. 

I have found that the app allows me to play with different design elements and practice being a good graphic designer. If you wanted to, you could even design a poster or card or something and send it to your email and print it off or something. Easy squeezy.

Get the free Studio app here.

Design + flowers + Scandinavia / Wednesday, 24 Jul 2013

Bouquet a day

I met Juliane Strittmatter at last year’s Hive conference in Berlin. She wore a lovely dress with a wonderful peter pan collar, blunt bangs, an adorable bob, and red lipstick. She was striking. After chatting with her for some time we realized we had a lot in common and we became fast friends. Juliane is the wonderful dollmaker of Froken Skicklig, where she makes and teaches classes on dollmaking. A German, she currently lives in the fields of Southern Sweden.

Juliane recently created an Instagram account (@frokenskicklig) and at the same time, created a little project. She didn’t want to share many personal photos or doll photos so she started Bouquet a Day #onebouquetperday where she goes out to collect a new bouquet a day from the fields surrounding her home. You can imagine that I nearly died when she started sharing these photos.

AND THEN, she gave us glimpses of her adorable vintage dresses with the bouquets. As if it wasn’t already enough.

She says, “This little project is good in many ways. First of all, it helps me to capture and ‘preserve’ those precious summer days – winter was very long this year, we had snow until April. Secondly, picking flowers as a daily ritual helps me to sort thoughts and ideas. I really have to be present, have to see or find the flowers (or else I can’t pick them) and being distracted would be quite counter-productive. Being on a flower hunt means that your senses have to be open. Thirdly, documenting these daily walks does also mirror my way of working. Nature plays an important role in my work as a doll maker, I would work differently when I am in the city. 

Lastly I want to add that flowers seem like a much better and more exotic choice than posting photos of umpteen latte macchiatos and fancy cakes at cafés in exciting big cities. At least that is how I try to convince myself that this here is the place to be, the South Swedish woods and me being a Berlin girl who misses her hometown quite a lot at times.”
Let’s take a look:
and many many more below:

I’m absolutely astounded at how she can name off all these flower names so I had to ask. Here’s what she says: “I know quite a lot of flower names. When I was a little girl, I was very much into flowers, had a lot of books on plants, and had a flower press, made herbariums–and by that I learned the German and the Latin names. I have to look up a few English names from time to time, but I know most names even in English and Swedish. My mother is a passionate gardener, so it runs in the family.”

Isn’t she remarkable? I love this project and wish I could join in. Alas, my flower options are a bit more limited than the fields of Sweden, but I now have a goal to go visit her and go flower collecting. Is that alright Juliane?

Please check out her lovely site, Froken Skicklig and follow along on her Instagram @frokenskicklig and #onebouquetperday

Design + Father's Day + paper + printable + Projects / Wednesday, 5 Jun 2013

3 free Father’s Day cards

Guys! I blew it. I totally dropped the ball on getting a Father’s Day card in the shop. It’s just that, if I can’t do flowers then I put it to the bottom of the list until boom, it’s too late. SO, that means you get three cards FOR FREE! All you have to do is print it off, cut it out, then fold. Easy squeazy.

This card is called a “4 bar” meaning it’s a pretty standard size of 5 1/2 x 4 1/4″ and you can easily find envelopes to go with it.

Click here to download.