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DIY + halloween + Projects / Monday, 1 Oct 2018

Picasso and Painting Mommy and Me Halloween Costume

Picasso and Painting

For years I’ve been dreaming about the day when I could create Mommy and Me costumes for Halloween. I mean, matching my child in costume? Yes, please! Jasper is 8 months now and I literally brainstorm the possibilities EVERY SINGLE DAY. So when Primary approached us about creating a costume with their children’s clothing, I knew it was the perfect opportunity. They have the best basics for babies and toddlers and with their color variety, the possibilities are endless. (remember our triplets costumes?!) Enter the Picasso and Painting Costume!

Picasso and Painting

Jasper has been blessed with many gifts, one of them being Pablo Picasso’s doppleganger. I’ve included a side by side photo comparison for your viewing pleasure. Is it the bald head? The nose? The big belly? Listen, having my son resemble a master, no matter the appearance, is enough to convince me that he may also be a genius. Primary just so happened to carry a navy and white striped onesie, so it was clearly meant to be. Jasper would be Picasso and I would be his most prized work of art! Ha! It came together really quickly and is super easy to DIY!

Take a look to see how we created the whole ensemble!

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DIY + halloween + Projects / Thursday, 27 Sep 2018

Influential Women Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited! Dressing up is one of my favorite things and, no hyperbole, I think about what I’m going to dress up as every single day of the calendar year. It’s sad but true. This year is particularly exciting since it will be Jasper’s first Halloween so you can imagine how my Mother Boy have been working overtime. Stay tuned for that big reveal next week 😉

2018 has been a year chock full of empowering women who have inspired us in so many ways. In that spirit, we picked a few of our favorite women to honor this Halloween and to channel some of their girl boss energy! Kate Spade, Serena Williams, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg were our respective picks. We partnered with Cricut to make their costumes come to life using the Cricut Maker. And we’ve made it super simple for you by providing all the templates you need to cut out the basic elements ALL OUT OF PAPER! NO SEWING INVOLVED!

Get all the templates and instructions to create each girl-power costume!

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DIY + Projects / Wednesday, 19 Sep 2018

Foraged Fall Sunflower Arrangement

Foraged Fall Sunflower

The air is starting to get crispy and we are here for it! The leaves are changing, the days are shorter, and pumpkin Joe-Joes are back so life is good. If you didn’t know, our studio is located on the fringes of a dairy farm, and though we get the occasional whiff of cow life (whiff is generous), there are a lot of lovely benefits. One such benefit is wild sunflowers. Right outside our window, we can see tons of golden wheat, bright sunflowers, and falling leaves. It’s heaven! Sunflowers used to be one of my favorite blooms back in the 90s’ (Hello giant sunflower hat…and on my jumpers…and dresses…and in my hair…yikes!). Seeing them in a pretty palette out my window had me itching to give sunflowers a refresh.

Foraged Fall Sunflower

I enlisted one of our favorite local florists, Allison Badley of La Fête Floral & Design, to create a Foraged Fall Sunflower Arrangement! A stunning golden arrangement made from materials in your own backyard. Yes, please! Paired with a yellow linen tablecloth, deep amber glassware, and natural wood accents, this table is a stunner and perfect for all your fall gatherings. Bright, warm, and inviting, no one will want to leave the table! So take a look outside and you might be surprised to find you’ve got a lot to work with!

Let’s show you how to make this golden girl! 

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DIY + Life / Tuesday, 18 Sep 2018

Q&A with Amber of Damask Love

Amber Damask Love Making It

We were thrilled to have Amber of Damask Love, participate in our My Life In Color blog tour (you can read all about how she uses our journal here!). As you may have seen, Amber was a finalist on the NBC show, Making It, and we were holding our breath on every episode up until the finale. Way to go Amber! Have you seen the show? What did you think? I couldn’t help but think what I would have done for each project. It got the wheels inside my head churning! What about you? Well, I was dying of curiosity so Amber was kind enough to answer some questions about the show. Read the full interview below!Amber Damask Love Making It My Life In ColorYou described your experience on air as a journey, yet you’ve been crafting for a number of years. How did you grow as an artist during the course of a few weeks on a show?

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DIY + Projects / Friday, 14 Sep 2018

DIY room to room: Pink

It’s been a hot minute since our last DIY Room to Room post, but we’ve decided to resurrect them and I couldn’t be happier! As you’ve seen, this past week we’ve been painting the town red and pink, from journaling to crafting to shopping. With this DIY Room to Room: Pink Edition, we’ve taken a look around the web to find some of our favorite pink DIY projects by our creative friends! Happy Crafting!