10 best ice cream flavors


Best ice cream flavors

Knowing that July is coming to a close (RIP) and it’s still National Ice Cream Month for a few more days, I thought I’d share some of my favorite ice cream posts from the Lars archives, including paper flowers, of course!

So, here they are! Get the links after the jump!

Sweet Spot: Cinnamon Buns with Blueberry Cream Cheese Glaze


Cinnamon Buns with Blueberry Cream Cheese Glaze

It’s the middle of the year, and that always has me hankering for one thing…adventure. The first half of the year has been devoted to new projects, getting things done, and setting things up. Now, it feels like the time to break free. I want to go on long hikes, rent a bicycle in the city and find a restaurant I’ve never been to before. Host a brunch party in my backyard, and buy a dress that I would never usually wear. No matter what adventure you find yourself striking out on, these cinnamon buns are just the thing. That bright splodge of sweet blueberry cream cheese glaze takes these away from being a warming, but stodgy treat, and lifts them into being elegant, fragrant and almost light (well…almost). The buns themselves are small too – these aren’t the kind of rolls that you’ll need to take a nap after.

Cinnamon Buns with Blueberry Cream Cheese Glaze Cinnamon Buns with Blueberry Cream Cheese GlazeCinnamon Buns with Blueberry Cream Cheese Glaze

These are the kind of rolls that give you the burst of energy that you need to keep hiking, shopping, cycling or brunching. And may I say, they are particularly perfect at brunch: just the right thing to bring out after the more savoury items, when everyone is just relaxing and drinking coffee. Kind of like a brunch dessert, but more like a full stop on the meal. Anyway, like I said, these are very versatile. Whatever adventure you find yourself on, I can’t imagine that a batch of purple-splodged buns would do anything but make it better. Hope you try these!

Recipe and photography by Sarah Coates of The Sugar Hit 

Peach mango coconut popsicle recipe

Peach mango coconut popsicle recipe by Trisha Zemp

And we’re back with another round of  #PopsicleTheRainbow (I know, I know, so many rainbows right now!) but how can we help it?! There are so many popsicles to be made and so little hot days in one year. Today it’s peach mango coconut and it’s dreamy. Think orange creamsicle, only better. I know. Mind blown.

Photo and recipe by Popsicle Master Trisha Zemp. See the full recipe below! 

3 Unique sundae flavors


Unique sundae flavors

Did you know that July is National Ice Cream month? It’s true! And I was so inspired by the latest Williams Sonoma catalog cover featuring some delicious sundaes in these soda fountain glasses that I wanted to make some for Lars and reveal the recipes. Don’t they look delicious?! Get the full recipes below!

Photography by Trisha Zemp  |  Recipes by Mary Elizabeth Hammond

Strawberry sangria popsicles

Strawberry sangria popsicles

Oh no! I’m already behind on our #PopsicleTheRainbow project, the 8 day Instagram project I’m doing with Trisha Zemp, master popsicle maker. We saved red for July 1st, yesterday, for Canada Day, Trisha’s home country. So, of course, celebrations are in order!

Photography and popsicles by Trisha Zemp 

Strawberry coconut popsicle recipe

Strawberry coconut popsicle recipeWe’re on day 2 of Popsicle the Rainbow with Popsicle Master, Trisha Zemp, and this one was delicious! See, the fun part of creating this series is all the “work” we have to do like experimenting tasting flavors. Trisha nailed it with this one.

See below for the full recipe and to see where to shop the look!

Pineapple pink lemonade popsicle

Pineapple pink lemonade popsicles

You might remember Trisha Zemp from the stellar photos she’s been taking for me for the past year and a half. Well, Trisha recently bought 1,000 popsicle sticks (1,000 was cheaper than 100!) and she’s proclaimed this summer the #Summerof1000Popsicles. This is something I can get behind, folks. Clearly. She’s kicked if off with a few recipes on her Instagram a few weeks ago but now is going gung ho and popsicling until they run out! For this first set of 8 popsicles, we’ve collaborated to create something you will not be surprised about, #PopsicleTheRainbow. Based on #CraftTheRainbow and #LetterTheRainbow, #PopsicleTheRainbow is all about creating a rainbow of tried and true popsicle flavors.

We’ll be posting the recipes here on the blog, but join us on Instagram (and Trisha’s here) for some beautiful rainbow popsicles as well! And if you make some, be sure to tag them with #Summerof1000Popsicles or #PopsicleTheRainbow.

See you there and see below for the full recipe!

Photography by Trisha Zemp  |  Styling by Brittany Jepsen

Sweet Spot: The Monkey Business Sundae



I’m so happy to introduce you to a new contributor to Lars. Sarah Coates from The Sugar Hit, based out of Brisbane, Australia, will be sharing a new monthly column on the blog called Sweet Spot and as one who has a major sweet I’m both excited and worried about my soon to be growing waistline. She has a cookbook coming out in the fall and it’s now on pre-order!


There is nothing I love more than working with people who inspire me, and who know how to have fun. That’s why I’m so excited to be here contributing to The House That Lars Built. Brittany’s eye for colour and design is a major inspiration to me. Getting to bounce ideas and work around with inspiring creative people is what makes it not feel like work at all – it just feels like play.

And that’s the idea behind this sundae – Monkey Business! Nobody plays around better than our primate friends. So I wanted to do something that had a really fun mix of hot and cold, soft and crunchy textures, sweet things and salty things. From there, I couldn’t help but get a little more literal. So this sundae turned into what I imagine would be Curious George’s dream dessert.

Get the full recipe below! 

A summer garden party with Twig NY

House Lars Built Dinnerware

If you’re just joining The House that Lars Built, welcome! I’m so glad to have you here! I announced earlier this year that I designed three dinnerware collections for Twig NY and Oh Happy Day featured the Language of Flowers collection yesterday. Hooray! I styled this summer garden party using this bright and cheery collection and Oh Happy Day is sharing the recipes for the Smoked Salmon Toasts that Ramblin Rose Cafe made for it.  You guys will want to bookmark it. It’s super tasty and fresh and beautiful—everything I love in a meal.

Today I thought I’d share how to get the look for your own party.

Bacon and cheddar waffles with homemade syrup


bacon and cheddar waffles

American Father’s Day is coming up. I specify, because when you have family that doesn’t live in America, you realize that you unknowingly miss all sorts of major holidays. Whoops! Anywhoo, what better way to treat your dad than a delicious breakfast of BACON AND CHEDDAR WAFFLES and homemade syrup. It’s the best of all worlds coming together to form the world’s most perfect breakfast world. I like to call it a Ron Swanson, Leslie Knope, Buddy the Elf compromise.
bacon and cheese wafflesbacon and cheese waffles

Get the full recipe below!

Photography by Lindsey Orton  |  Recipes by Mary Elizabeth Hammond

Happy National Donut day!


national donut day 17 national donut day 15national donut day 2donuts-eatingHAPPY NATIONAL DONUT DAY

At some point in the history of blogging, donuts became king. And National Donut Day became its Christmas.

SO, in true blogger form, Happy National Day! May you eat all the frosted, sprinkled, fried dough in the shape of a ring that you can. And if you’re not in the US, may donuts be in your future at some point in life. Or I’ll come to you and bring you some. I’d like that very much.

ME made us some #CraftTheRainbow donuts. Get the full recipe below!

And if you’re needing to really get in the spirit of National Donut day, here are some fun links for your weekend:

Kelly of Studio DIY declared this week National Donut week. Check out her giveaway and fun projects!

Here’s one of my favorite projects of all time: a donut rug! 

Donut macarons from the archives

Ombre donuts

Donut shoes and donut dress

Donut gift bags and donut tea towels

mini baked donuts from the archives

Donut Day This Girl from the archives

Printable donut garland

Donut apron DIY

Donut collar DIY 

Donut balloons


Happy weekend! 

Photography by Lindsey Orton  |  Baking by Mary Elizabeth Hammond 

Get the full donut recipe below!

Watermelon lime lemonade



Fruit season is upon us! Cue the bells! That means…how do we use them? Well, in a fruity drink, of course! This watermelon mint lemonade is a delight and you will love it for picnics, parties, or just every day.
Watermelon lemonade recipe Fun summer drink recipes

Photography by Laura Sumrak  |  Styled by Brittany Jepsen  |  Recipe by Kelly Curtis 

Shop the post:

See below for the full recipe!