19th day of Christmas crafts: DIY gift bags

My latest tutorial for Oh Happy Day is up with these DIY gift bags! I thought it was about time these Christmas crafts got collaborative, and we have a couple of collaborators for this tutorial! Ferm Living, my fellow Copenhagen neighbors, have beautiful wallpapers that we used to repurpose into these gift bags.

So far in the Christmas crafts challenge, we’ve had a lot of crafts that can be used as decor for your home, like these flapper trees and this Bah! Humbug hanging wall banner. As it gets closer to Christmastime, I wanted to create a tutorial to help out with all of the gift wrapping! As you can see in the pictures above, these beautiful wallpaper prints aren’t just for the holidays! Use these DIY gift bags year-round for birthdays, showers, and other celebrations!

DIY gift bags from wallpaper


  • Box (in the full tutorial on Oh Happy Day, I used a traditional Danish Christmas candle box) to use as a form for the size of your gift. For larger packages, you can use cereal boxes or laundry detergent boxes. I found that books are great for medium boxes. For smaller shapes, I used tea boxes. You can experiment with different shapes and sizes!
  • Wallpaper large enough to wrap around the box
  • Ribbon to use for handles. You can use different colors for different gift bags!
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Cardboard (optional)

Check out the rest of the instructions over at Oh Happy Day, with more pictures of the process! Thanks Hilda for your lovely photos!

More holiday gift decoration ideas

We’re all about creating the most gorgeous celebrations here at Lars, and the gift-giving is no exception! We’ve got tutorials for every season and every type of celebration! For the Christmas season, check out this candy cane wrapping and these paper holiday greenery gift toppers! We even created our own line of wrapping paper here at Lars!

Wrapping paper (or wallpaper, in the case of these DIY gift bags) isn’t just used for wrapping gifts! Read about 5 different ways to use your patterned paper here.

Take a look at more fun gift wrapping ideas for any holiday, like this DIY fruit wrapping paper, licorice wrapping paper, and polka dot wrapping paper!

16th day of Christmas crafts: Snowflake jar toppers

Just like the berry wreath Christmas crafts tutorial, these snowflake jar toppers were inspired by another project! Last night we made homemade condiments with some friends. Last year it was holiday cookies, and this year it’s holiday condiments, and funny enough, probably just as much sugar used in each. Anywhoo, we had a lot of fun making remoulade, pickles, honey mustard, spicy mustard, and normal mustard and added some toppers to them and these are the fruits of our labors.
In our December Christmas crafts challenge, we’ve had craft tutorials that included these glitter trees, candy lights, and Christmas spinners. Today I flipped my condiment project into a Christmas craft! I turned the tops into snowflakes and added some tissue and crepe paper under. This is a super easy way to make your everyday glassware festive for the season! These snowflake jar toppers would also make the perfect holiday gift! Fill the jar with sweets like these peanut butter pretzel candies, popcorn, or mini donut macarons!

DIY snowflake jar toppers


  • Glass jars of any size
  • Fabric or felt to make your snowflakes
  • Crepe paper or tissue paper to place under the snowflakes
  • Twine or ribbon


  1. Cut your snowflake pattern in a piece of fabric or felt
  2. Layer crepe paper or tissue paper over top of your jar lid
  3. Layer your snowflake over the crepe paper or tissue paper in the center of the jar lid
  4. Fold down sides of the snowflake and tie with ribbon or twine
  5. Repeat steps for as many jars as you’d like!

These snowflake jar toppers look a little bit like mushrooms! You can pair it with our paper mushroom wreath for Christmas mushroom-themed holiday decor! Keep reading for EVEN more holiday craft tutorials!

Christmas craft tutorials

If you enjoy making these snowflake jar toppers, take a look at these oversized paper stars. You could also make oversized snowflakes as I did for this wedding backdrop. You could hang them in the window next to these Swedish oranges to have a full winter wonderland in your home! Be sure to check out the Lars Christmas shop for more holiday crafts!

15th day of Christmas crafts: Spinners

I found this little vintage party supply shop in Copenhagen a few months ago selling these little spinners (above left). The owner explained that they used to use these for 2 purposes: 1) for Christmas games and 2) for construction workers working on top of a roof who would use it to decide who was going to go down and get the beer. I thought they were pretty darling myself, so I painted my own version (on the right). I thought they’d be perfect for a game of deciding who gets to open the gifts first, Secret Santa, or any other holiday activity you can think of!

DIY Spinners


  • top spinner with numbers
  • brad
  • bottom
  • Cardstock (for creating top spinner and bottom plate)
  • Paint or marker for decorating your spinners


  1. Cut out shapes for top and bottom of the spinner
  2. Decorate your top spinner with numbers and bottom spinner with a design (make sure your bottom spinner has a point to indicate which number is chosen)
  3. Pin the brad through the top and bottom of the spinner

Done! Super easy, right? Let me know what fun activities you’re using your spinners for!

More Christmas crafts

Previous crafts in the Christmas crafts challenge include these Swedish oranges, a berry wreath, and this Bah! Humbug hanging wall banner. We’re only on the 15th day of the challenge and my home has become a complete Christmas craft zone. Not a bad way to get in the holiday spirit, though!
Need some gift wrap ideas to go with your new Christmas spinner? Check out our very own line of Lars wrapping paper! You can embellish your gifts even more by creating these paper gift toppers. And if you need some Christmas gift ideas, we have over 15 different gift guides in the Lars archives! You can take a look at the guides from $100 and under, $50 and under, $25 and under, and a kids’ gift guide! You can view the whole list of gift guides here.
Be sure to check out the Lars Christmas shop for more holiday craft ideas!

14th day of Christmas crafts: Swedish oranges

The first few crafts in the Christmas crafts challenge included these flapper trees, Scrooge banner, and a berry wreath. Now we have a tutorial for Swedish oranges! These orange and clove pomanders are super easy to make, and you can decorate them in so many different ways!
Remember the American Girl dolls? Now they’re all Mattel and flashy, but when I was 10, they were simple and classy. Kirsten, the Swedish American girl was my favorite and I read the book series religiously. In the Christmas book, Kirsten’s Surprise,  there was a part about Swedish Christmas oranges with cloves and I have always wanted to make them, but I think it took moving to Scandinavia to actually do so. Since yesterday was Santa Lucia day, it was a perfect time to try it out.

How to make Swedish oranges


  • Oranges
  • Cloves
  • Sewing needle, toothpick, or push pin (to poke holes for your cloves)


  1. Poke holes in your orange peel in whatever pattern you’d like
  2. Insert a clove into each hole

And you’re done! Hang your orange and clove pomanders with ribbon or put them in a fruit bowl as I did here. Also, take a look at this post for more pictures of the crafting process for these Swedish oranges! I can’t get enough of them. You can also turn this craft into a little tree made of oranges, or place a candlestick right down the middle of your orange for some holiday decor! However you decide to decorate with your Swedish oranges, your home will be smelling great!

More holiday craft ideas

Looking for more Christmas crafts to go with your orange and clove pomanders? Check out these oversized paper Christmas stars. Perfect for hanging next to your Swedish oranges! If you want some greenery surrounding your Swedish oranges, take a look at this tutorial for DIY crepe paper holly. It’s so easy to spruce up these oranges! If you’re really into the Swedish holiday crafts, read about our head to toe Swedish Christmas here.

Be sure to check out the Lars Christmas shop for printables like this St. Lucia crown!

13th day of Christmas Crafts: berry wreath

This berry wreath idea was sparked by another crafting project! I was working on another project this past weekend and I needed a bunch of berries for a shoot. They’ve just been sitting around so why not put them to use? I arranged the white and black berries in a wreath and I love how it turned out. I love the fact that I can find them just right outside our house.

Berry Wreath

For those of you who don’t just have berries sitting around (I think I’m outnumbered on this one 😉 ), read below for some materials you can use for your berry wreath!


  • Wreath (I recommend getting a grapevine wreath like this one so that your berries will blend in nicely)
  • Berry stems (you can find a variety of these at most craft stores and online)


  1. Simply insert your berry twigs and other greenery into your wreath! You may need to glue them if you find that they’re not holding well.

Done! Now you have a gorgeous berry wreath to hang up during the holidays (or year round!). Super simple, right? I’m tempted to make a wreath for each season! Keep reading for more of our Christmas crafts and other DIY wreath ideas!

Christmas crafts challenge

We’re already on the 13th day of December! Can you believe that?! This Christmas crafts challenge is really putting me to the test, but it’s a great way to keep the inspiration flowing! On the 1st and 2nd days of the Christmas crafts challenge, we made these DIY glitter trees and candy lights. Other crafts included these flapper trees and a Scrooge inspired wall banner. December’s not over yet, though! Stay tuned for more fun holiday crafts!

More wreath inspiration

A wreath really puts that final touch on making your house your home. We have SO MANY different wreath tutorials here on the Lars blog! Whatever season and style you’re looking for, we’ve got it.

For more winter and Christmas wreaths, take a look at this felt holly wreath, paper mushroom wreath (pictured above), and paper dresden ornament wreath.

Looking to make Spring and Summer wreaths? Check out our lemon wreath, Raffia pom pom wreath, and paper blossom wreath (pictured above).

For wreaths that are typically hung up any time of the year (although we won’t discourage hanging up pastel florals in winter or pinecone wreaths in summer!), check out this baby’s breath wreath (pictured above), color blocked thread wreath, and paper cherry wreath!

9th day of Christmas Crafts: Flapper trees

These glitter trees and candy lights were the first couple of Christmas crafts, and now we have these flapper trees! Now, I’m seriously running out of room in our little place to feature all of these projects. Luckily, these flapper trees are small enough that they can be placed on mantels or side tables and leave room for any other holiday decorations you may have!
I found some papier mâché cones at a little shop back in November and have been trying to figure out what to do with them since. Well, this whole 24 Days of Christmas Crafts was the perfect excuse to give them a go. Paul took one look at these trees when he arrived home and said, “They look like flapper girls,” hence their now coined name. I found these mint crepe paper streamers in October at a really disgusting party store in DC (sorry, it was just really gross) but this color totally stood out.

DIY flapper trees



  1.  Cut into the streamers about 1″ in ever 1/4″ inch.
  2. Affix double stick tape to the bottom rim of the cone about the height of the streamer.
  3. Wrap around the base about 3 times.
4. Continue up the tree, each time leaving less and less space between layers.
5. For the last layer, cut the streamer in half to leave a little topper on the tree.
Voila! Now you can display all your flapper trees for the holiday.

Christmas tree crafts

We’re all about creating the best and brightest holidays possible here at Lars (and, of course, we want you to make every day beautiful)! Stay tuned for the next Christmas craft, and be sure to check out the blog archives for more creative ideas! Read below for some Christmas tree favorites up on the blog.

If you loved these little flapper trees, be sure to check out more Christmas tree craft ideas and inspiration! Learn how to make these DIY family photo heirloom ornaments for your Christmas tree, and check out the tutorial for this applique tree skirt! Take a look at some of our favorite Christmas tree inspiration here!

2nd day of Christmas crafts: Candy lights

For the first day of Christmas crafts, we brought you a tutorial for these DIY glitter trees. For this month’s DIY project for Oh Happy Day, I tapped into my mom’s endless artistic reservoir again and remembered how one year for Christmas she made these candy lights and put them on our whole house. It was pretty fantastic looking, and I think it turned out well again this time. I love the photos that Emily took. This image above is one of my absolute favorites of all time roots and all (sick!). Should have asked her to photoshop those suckers out, ha!

DIY candy lights


  • Corsage boxes
  • String of lights
  • Scissors
  • Wire or pipe cleaners to fasten
  • Wire cutters
  • Cellophane rolls in different colors
  • Tape

I wrote up the full tutorial for these candy lights over at Oh Happy Day. Get the instructions and pictures of the process here.

Holiday candy & decor ideas

What I love about these candy lights is that they’re not only perfect for Christmas, but they’re also perfect for Halloween! Here at Lars, we’ve done a lot of different candy crafts including this candy garland, Halloween candy poppers & Christmas poppers, and candy cane wrapping. You can never have too much candy, right? Ok, maybe you can, but when it comes to holiday decorations, I say the more candy the better!

For Christmas decor, take a look at these dyed bottlebrush trees to add even MORE color to your holiday decor! This DIY Christmas bulb advent calendar is a favorite here at Lars, and it doubles as both decoration and a fun Christmas activity! And finally, we couldn’t get through the holidays without a paper flower tutorial! Make your own Christmas flower decorations with this paper Poinsettia flower tutorial.

For more Christmas crafts, check out the Lars Christmas shop!

1st Day of Christmas Crafts: DIY glitter trees

Happy first of December! In Denmark, the 24 days prior to Christmas are usually celebrated with advent calendars (check out Oh Happy Day for some stellar ones) accompanied with a little activity or gift. We’ve got our own kind of advent calendar activity with these DIY glitter trees, which are the first of many Christmas crafts!
I do think I’m a little crazy with this 24-day Christmas craft challenge, but they won’t always be big crafts, so I think it might be doable. Wanna do it too? Let me know and let’s share ideas!

DIY Glitter Trees

I’ve been super into glitter since the days of the lantern and thought it would be a nice addition to these trees that my mom used to make out of magazines. They are a cinch to make, and I thought they turned out quite well!


  • Old magazines
  • Gold spray paint
  • Spray glue or glitter glue (couldn’t find glitter glue in Europe. Help!)
  • Glitter


  1.  Make your first fold by taking the top and folding it down so it creates a nice line with the center of the magazine.
  2. Make your second fold by taking the edge of that first fold and folding it into the center line.
  3. Take the point of the new bottom fold and fold it up so it’s flush with the bottom edge of the magazine. The tree will stand on this so it must be able to sit on a table.
  4. Repeat, repeat, repeat until the last page.

5.  Spray some gold paint on.

6. Embellish with glitter by spraying on adhesive spray. Start at the top and trickle it as it comes down the tree for an ombre effect.

Done! Now you can make a forest of glitter trees!




I think I’m going to do dozens more to act as our real Christmas tree since we don’t have a lot of space in our little apartment. Enjoy!

Want more ideas for Christmas crafts? Check out these DIY custom Christmas stockings and this DIY painted pinecone wreath!