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Crafts + housekeeping + Life / Wednesday, 16 Oct 2019

Introducing our New Organized Craft Palace!

If you’ve seen any of our stories lately, you may have noticed what might look like a small (or large) craft disaster happening in the background. It just so happens that this is a fairly normal occurrence for us. Our process looks a little something like craft, create mess, finish project, clean up, repeat, but right now it’s particularly a crazy fun house. After much denial of our crafting disasters we decided to face our problems head on and thats when we began our search for the perfect organizational system that would fit all of our stuff and take us from DIY purgatory to DIY heaven. And that’s when we stumbled upon the Original ScrapBox. Read on →

housekeeping + Life / Thursday, 8 Aug 2019

Fall 2019 internship call

We hereby declare that Fall 2019 Internships are now open! We LOVE our interns at The House That Lars Built and we offer a variety of positions focusing on craft, graphic design, social media, business, and new this semester–writing! If you like what we do at Lars and would like to join the team or know someone who would fit the bill, please don’t hesitate! We think it’s a pretty fun gig 😉
Read more about how to apply below!

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housekeeping + Life / Sunday, 22 Jul 2018

Internships for Fall 2018

Faster internet with Eero

Summer is nearing an end (say it isn’t so!!!) and we’re now looking for interns for our fall semester. And let me tell you, we are going to have a very busy and exciting semester this year. We need hard working, enthusiastic, dedicated and creative interns to join in on the fun for the Fall 2018 semester. We have some VERY fun things on the docket!

Read more about how to apply below!

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housekeeping + Life / Friday, 16 Dec 2016

Call for interns for winter 2017


Our town revolves around the academic calendar because we live in a big university town (two large universities!), which means that we do too! And we’re planning out winter/spring semester for 2017. Every semester we take on a few interns to help out around the office. The internship program has grown quite a lot since my studio days in Copenhagen and there are many opportunities to learn and take part in something a growing creative company. We have some exciting things planned in 2017 and we’d love to have you involved!  Read on →

housekeeping / Friday, 26 Aug 2016

Internships for fall semester

Dress the rainbow

Come complete our rainbow!

Things are gearing up here in Utah as Provo transforms from ghost town to college town. You can feel the excitement in the air (and the increased traffic!). Lars internships last for one semester, which means that I’m now searching for interns for fall semester. Read below to see if you’re a good fit!

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