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Color + Design + House + If I were a room + Inspiration + Interiors + Life + Style / Friday, 20 Sep 2019

Shop the Look: Solange House

Whenever I look at work by Solange Azagury-Patridge I feel like I have stepped out of reality and into a magical new world full of color, wonderment, and awe. It’s for these very reasons that her new London shop has left me basically speechless… Seriously, all I can say is ”WOW WOW WOW” or ”I want to go there” and ”ahhhhh….”. Because I love this design so much I wanted to go ahead and create shopable looks at two different price points so that we can all live in houses just as amazing as this beautiful shop!

Behold… Solange Azagury-Patridge’s London boutique. You may want to sit down for this, it’s just that good!  Read on →

Book Club + Design + gift guides + holiday + Inspiration + Life / Wednesday, 14 Dec 2016

Lars favorite design books of 2016

Best diy design books of 2016I am convinced that there are few things better than cozying up with a good book on a cold winter day. Add some hot chocolate, a fuzzy blanket, and snow falling lightly outside and you might as well call it heaven. Hence why I created the Lars Book Club (Check out this months book here!). Not to mention, they make ideal gifts because you can customize it to anyone’s tastes. In case you are scrambling to find the perfect gift for a creative art-loving someone, we rounded up the best DIY and Art books of 2016 to help you out! They are all crazy beautiful and are sure to please the pickiest of recipients. Make sure to snag one for yourself while you’re at it! Read on →

Design + Inspiration / Monday, 22 Feb 2016

DIY Paper Wig Inspiration


I’ve had a number of friends and readers send me a link to the work of the Russian artist, Asya Kozina, (above) who has made a series of Baroque style wigs out paper. These Paper Wigs are absolutely exquisite! If you’re new to Lars, it makes sense based on the paper wig I made for my Marie Antoinette Halloween costume two years ago: Marie Antoinette paper wig

I did a bit more digging and found some more amazing paper wigs. Take a lookie below at all the incredible DIY Paper Wig Inspiration! Which is your favorite?

Paper wigs

Photos by Greg Lotus

Paper wigs

Photos from here (and took a lookie at the others. Extraordinary!)

Paper wigs

Photo on left by Halldin + Maule (but it’s actually an oil painting!)   |  photo on right from here


Photo on left by Paper Cut Project for Kate Spade   |  Photo on right from here 


Design + Home + House + in the studio + Inspiration + Life / Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Floor treatment inspiration

My new studio space has wonderful wood flooring. Two rooms are a beautiful herringbone pattern and the other is plain vertical planking. I’m ACHING to paint on some black and white diamonds like this party scene on the plain planking and then keep the integrity of the herringbone with a wonderful stain. What do you think? Have you ever done either? Any tips?

Party scene