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Design + Home + Interiors + Life + Projects / Thursday, 28 Jun 2018

Details of my new Kitchen

Details of my New Kitchen

The story of my kitchen is a lesson in stubbornness. We are renters and really had no intention of staying here for 5 years, but alas, the longer we live here, the more I approach the space as a challenge to see how rad I can make it. Don’t tell me it can’t be done, because I will set out to prove you wrong! Ha! Well, last week I revealed our kitchen makeover and you guys were just as shocked as me to see the transformation. Our dreary little basement apartment kitchen went from 80s fabulous to timeless and refreshing with mostly small aesthetic changes and switching out some key components.

Today I’ll be taking you through the transformation process and telling you exactly what we did that provided the most impact including notes on the products, tips on how to work with the installers, and my ratings. I’m a big believer in reading reviews so here are my thoughts! It really is in the details, folks! Read on →

DIY + Home + Interiors + Projects / Monday, 25 Jun 2018

DIY Paper Tube Chandeliers

DIY Paper Tube ChandeliersAs soon as I laid eyes on the ‘Cocktail Lights’ of Hanna Anonen I fell in love immediately. The colors and playful shapes were so stunning. I needed to make a DIY version. These DIY Paper Tube Chandeliers are a fun way to bring color into a space. I love the impact a lovely chandelier can have on a room. These chandeliers are a fun alternative to basic desk lamps and don’t require any side tables! You can customize the color palette to whatever you desire, limited only by the paper variety at your nearest craft store. Paper, embroidery hoops, and twine are all you need for this DIY. You can easily install a hanging light bulb in the center of the tubes. On the other hand, they’re perfect without the light to serve purely as decor!

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Design + Home + Interiors + Projects / Thursday, 21 Jun 2018

Small Space: Kitchen Renovation

This kitchen renovation has been a long time coming. We have a very small kitchen with pretty poor lighting. It always seemed a little sad and drab. A huge part of the problem was our metal, mini-blinds. Yes, like the ones in a college dorm room. They were very fragile, difficult to work with, and cheapened the whole space. Luckily, came to my rescue! Our new blinds elevate the space, keep a clean look, and a perfect for our small windows. You can bet I’ll be spending more time in the kitchen now.

Read on to see which product we used and get a discount code!

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Design + Interiors + Life / Wednesday, 31 Jan 2018

Napping at Work is a Thing

Are you familiar with the napping-at-work trend that seems to be taking the world by storm? If you’re confused, simply google “napping at work” and you’ll be sure to find yourself plenty of articles, opinions, and research backing up a workday snooze session. From the moment I heard about this napping phenomenon, I wondered why we hadn’t thought of this sooner! Now that I’m pregnant and will soon be bringing baby with me to work, I’m convinced it might as well be mandatory to have a space for napping on the job! Okay, perhaps not mandatory. The point is, we’ve been trying to create a space in our studio for a while that can serve as a multi-functional area as a waiting area, for meetings, relaxing, and naturally, napping! 

However, it was difficult for us to justify bringing a bed into the studio, considering our small space issues. So we were thrilled when we came across the perfect Novogratz Futon from DHP Furniture that looks like a sleek couch one minute and can be transformed into a comfy bed the next! We were able to create an area that fits all our needs in one, without sacrificing space or style! Meaning that this pregnant mama with a soon to be little one can take all the rest she needs! Read on →

Design + DIY + Interiors + Life + One Room Challenge + Projects / Wednesday, 15 Nov 2017

One Room Challenge Week 7: Final Reveal!

One Room Challenge The House That Lars builtYou guys! Can you even believe we made it to week 7, the final reveal (click here if you’re just joining in)? I’m pretty surprised myself! This One Room Challenge was a TON of work and it’s all thanks to so many generous people who made it possible as well as my awesome team, particularly our business director Mary, who put in so much time and enormous effort into making every detail perfect. In addition to running the business side of Lars, she plays an amazing contractor/DIY role. I mean, the detail work of that floor is nothing short of a miracle. Every single point lines up perfectly! I’m absolutely floored at the work that she did along with some awesome volunteers (victims???). We are so grateful for the countless hours, the late nights, and the sore muscles people sacrificed to help us make this office truly magical. Because it is! I’m so pleased with how this vision came to life. From top to bottom this office has been completely transformed with the help of some amazing companies we were privileged to work with. We’re going to take you through all the elements and little details that brought the entire look together, so buckle up and get ready!

One Room Challenge The House That Lars builtTake a look at the full reveal and all the details!

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