DIY Mushroom Playmat


This mushroom playmat is perfect for the little baby needing an adorable place to rest its head. I love that it’s totally washable, too. Don’t worry about all that spit up coming your way! It’ll look as good as new with a quick wash (just make sure to hang it to dry–don’t put this little rug in the dryer). What do you think?! Ha! Such a sweetie pie. Here’s how to make one:

DIY Mushroom Playmat

DIY Mushroom Playmat

Prep Work

Prepping the Pattern

  1. First, download and print the pattern. You can find it here!
  2. Lay out all the pattern pieces in a grid, according to the numbering system. The A’s are the first row, B’s second row, C’s third row, etc. When you print, there will be a small white border around each piece of paper–simply disregard or cut it off.
  3. Line up the pattern pieces as closely as you can to the seam allowance and tape. We would suggest laying out all the pieces first, then taping when it’s all lined up.
  4. Now, go ahead and cut the pattern pieces out along the outside line of the seam allowance.

Prepping/Cutting your Fabric

  1. Prewash your fabric and gently press it.
  2. When your fabric is pressed and ready to use, lay out your fabric. Make sure there are no bumps or wrinkles.
  3. Next, gently lay the pattern pieces on top of the fabric they belong to.
  4. Pin down the pattern pieces to the fabric.
  5. Now, cut each pattern piece out of the fabric using scissors or a rotary cutter.

Prepping the Batting

  1. To prep your batting, lay out your piece of batting. Smooth it out to make sure there are no wrinkles.
  2. Next, take the fabric piece labeled “back” and lay it out on top of the batting.
  3. Cut out the batting along the shape of the mushroom.

Sewing your Mushroom Playmat Together

Sewing the Front Pieces

  1. Take the mushroom pieces labeled “facing: mushroom top” and “facing: under mushroom” and with right sides together, pin them along the central edge (this will give you the two pieces of the front of the mushroom). For help knowing how to align the two pieces, see the finished photos for reference.
  2. Next, take the piece labeled “facing: mushroom bottom” and fold the flat edge (the top) under a 1/4 inch to hem. Using the piece labeled “back” as a reference, hem the sides 1/4″ from the top hem down until the sides meet the stem on the “back” piece.
  3. Now you’re ready to add the stem to the front of the mushroom. With the right side face up (hems tucked neatly underneath), sew the piece labeled “facing: mushroom bottom” to the right side of the stem portion of the two pieces you just sewed together.
  4. Top stitch the hemmed portion of the stem to the front for a nice, clean finish.
  5. You should now have an entire mushroom front piece!


Assembling the Mushroom

Now you’re ready to assemble all the pieces of the mushroom together!

  1. To do this, lay the front piece of the mushroom down (face up) and smooth out any wrinkles.
  2. Then, lay the back piece of the mat down on top of the front piece (face down). smooth the wrinkles. The two pieces should be right sides together.
  3. Now place the batting on top of the two pieces of fabric. Smooth it out to make sure there are no bumps or wrinkles.
  4. Baste stitch the edge of the three layers together as well as sections in the middle. Make sure to leave a 6-7” opening so you can flip your mushroom right side out.
  5. After it’s basted, you can sew around the edge, following your basting line. Remember to leave that opening so you can flip the mushroom.
  6. Trim your edges when you’re done sewing.
  7. Now flip the mushroom right side out and hand stitch the opening closed.
  8. Gently press the edges flat.

Finishing Touches

  1. To finish up, use your embroidery thread to gently hand stitch the top of the mushroom where the two pieces meet. Tie it off in the back.
  2. Take another piece of embroidery thread and hand stitch a few lines onto the belly of the mushroom. Use the photos as a reference to see where we stitched the lines. Again, tie it off in the back.

3 DIY Baby Swaddle ideas with Delta Faucet

In honor of the recent arrival of Royal Baby Archie, baby gifts have been on the brain.  Watching Meghan become a mother reminds me of my own time with a newborn. Baby was SO little and I loved swaddling that tiny baby in my arms.  Mary gave me the sweetest swaddles when baby was born and I used them all the time. With this in mind, we created three DIY ways to add a little pizazz to basic swaddles to give to the new moms in your life. We added a fancy embroidery stitch to one, a ribbon trim border to the other, and finished with a hand dyed swaddle with an embroidered monogram. PLUS they all make the best wrapping paper for a sweet baby gift.

Registering for baby and printable baby shower invitations

How to create a baby registryThe moment I found out I was pregnant I started searching for a place to create a baby registry. Ha! How’s that for wasting no time! Clearly, I was pretty stoked. For me, a registry was less about asking friends for gifts (because how uncomfortable is that?!) and more about gathering all the products for baby in one central location in order to provide friends and family a quick and easy way to locate helpful gifts. These days I’m all about saving time for everyone! Time efficiency is my love language.

After doing some snooping around on the webs, I realized that I didn’t want a registry from just one shop because it’s too limiting and I didn’t like the idea of registering at many shops (“the new mom is registered at so and so, and so and so, and so and so”, so awkward!) plus I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep track of it all. In my searching, I came across Babylist, which advertised as a one-stop baby registry from anywhere on the web. That’s PRECISELY what I was looking for…and I didn’t even know it!

Sign up for babylist

I used Babylist throughout my pregnancy and beyond. In fact, I still use it to gather items together (and I’ll tell you why below). I even forced my sister to go and sign up right away too when she announced she was pregnant over Christmas. It’s never too early to start! I have a tendency to forget items that I said I would always remember once it’s finally time to note them down. Does that ever happen to you?

Anyway, I loved the service so much that I reached out to them to see if they’d want to partner and I’m so thrilled that it’s worked out so I can offer you painless registry experience solution with a heartfelt endorsement! SCORE!

Not only that! No, no, along with my encouragement to sign up for Babylist (do yourself a favor!), I’m also offering a FREE PRINTABLE baby shower invitation. We created it for my sister’s baby shower that we threw in June and I LOVE how it turned out. We had an Alexander Girard theme complete with a baby block accordion invitations and they are SOOOO cute.

How to Turn Fabric into Vinyl


Fabric into Vinyl

I hunted religiously for a changing basket I loved and found it with this one from Design Dua. It’s so beautiful! It came with a little muslin liner with a zipper over some foam and of course, Baby J was like “I want to get my bodily fluids all over that thing!” I washed the liner and attempted to put it back on when I realized that it’s not really a liner meant for constantly taking on and off. So, I started to think of liners that I could make myself. After an unsuccessful attempt to find some cute oil cloth patterns to create a custom changing basket cover, I knew we had to get creative. I did some homework and came across a product that essentially allows you to laminate fabric. You take any woven cotton fabric and some iron-on vinyl, add some heat, and you’ve got a wipeable, easily cleanable material! We made a liner to fit perfectly into the changing basket in Jasper’s room and it’s made such a difference! Using this material has gotten my wheels turning. This isn’t even a sponsored post, folks! I’m just genuinely stoked! I’m thinking about making custom placemats and a sweet zipper pouch next! Anyone else ever used this miracle worker?

Continue to see how we turned Fabric into vinyl! 

DIY Crib Skirt and Mattress Giveaway


DIY Crib Skirt

As one might expect at this point, I’m still getting the hang of this whole “Mom” thing. Every day is a learning day and it’s quite the wild ride! After doing my fair share of baby book reading, I’m constantly paranoid that Baby J might suffocate in his crib, stop breathing, or insert any other fear that gets ingrained in a new mother’s brain. DHP (remember their rad futon and bedding?!)  approached me about their Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams Crib and Toddler Mattress I couldn’t have been happier! This mattress is perfect for a worrying mama: Hypoallergenic, Thermo-bonded core so the babe gets plenty of support and water-resistant outer cover for easy clean-ups! What more could you want?! DIY Crib Skirt

This mattress really is top of the line and it won the 2017 Women’s Choice Award as Amerca’s Most Recommended Brand for Crib & Toddler Mattress. Since I am now determined to get Jasper sleeping in his crib with his new mattress I decided to go all in and complete the look with a DIY Crib Skirt. I wanted a traditional gathered look and had Becca, our resident seamstress, whip one up. And since baby mattresses are pretty standard (at least in North America), you can easily make one yourself with these same dimensions. It’s simple enough for a novice sewer.

Find out how to win a Safety 1st Mattress of your own and sew your own DIY Crib Skirt!

My Baby Shower


Brittany's Baby Shower

I feel like the luckiest lady in all the land! A couple of weeks ago, the ladies here at the office threw me a baby shower with all the bells and whistles. It was so sweet. No literally, it was VERY sweet. We had delicious sweet waffles along with all the treats a pregnant girl could want. There wasn’t one savory dish on the menu. Ha! It was right up my alley. It was so wonderful to celebrate our baby boy amongst the company of those I get to work with who I love so much. It’s always so overwhelming to have people spend time and efforts on you. Like, how do you thank them? In a blog post, of course! 😉 Thank you so much to the ladies I love for all the love that went into this shower. This baby (and mama!) feel so loved!

Check out all the details of the baby shower (along with my huge bump!)!

2 baby nursery projects using the Cricut Maker and Explore


As you know from Monday’s post, Paul and I are thrilled to be having a baby boy in January. I didn’t think I could love anything besides baby girl accessories (aka: flowers and smocked dresses and stockings!), but the more I research, the more I’m really into getting into the whole baby boy vibe. It’s not where I would have gone naturally, but so far it’s been a fun challenge. We wasted no time in starting our preparations and today we teamed up with Cricut to showcase their brand new Maker machine versus their Explore machine, which we already love so much.
Use these templates to create this DIY stuffed whale

Here’s the thing about the new Maker machine: with their new rotary blade, you can cut out fabric! GAME CHANGER! Just think: patterns for dresses, blouses, kids toys, and STUFFED WHALES! Not only that, but soon with their knife blade you’ll be able to cut out wood. I attended their release party in July and I was truly impressed with its capabilities. One medium I’m particularly excited about is the holy grail, CREPE PAPER. You better believe that we’ll be putting our machine to work non-stop. In fact, we have a holiday garland in the works using the Maker.

We’ve contrasted this with their Explore machine, which we still love for it’s capabilities with paper, particularly cardstock and vinyl. We created this paper ship entirely out of Cricut templates, which you can download and create on any Cricut machine. I can’t wait to put it up in our nursery. And to think it’s all been done using the Cricut machine! I’m just tickled….blue!

DIY paper ship with free templates

Get the templates below! 

Gender reveal stork pinata

Stork pinata gender reveal

Ashley is a very good friend to everyone around her. She volunteered to help a friend announce the gender of their baby with their friends and came up with a stork piñata to do so. Such a clever idea! Inside the stork they filled candy and decorations in pink to announce the girl they were having. I loved the idea so much I asked if they could document the process.

Zodiac pinatas

Zodiac pinata aries

I’m absolutely tickled to introduce you to today’s guest contributors, Eunice and Sabrina Moyle of one of my all-time favorite stationery companies, Hello Lucky! These two are creative masterminds who have inspired me in so many ways. Eunice’s wedding as featured here, was a huge inspiration for my own wedding. They take the simplest of projects and turn it into something extraordinary and clever. Welcome, ladies! 

We were appointed hosts of a sex reveal party for an expecting couple and wanted to plan something unexpected! We landed on a piñata, because what’s not to love about piñatas? The astrological inspiration allowed us to personalize it based off the babies birth month. We filled it with candy (nuts/ no nuts) and let the parents have at it!

Astrological piñatas are great for birthday parties too! They make an entertaining and special addition to any party theme. Added bonus- They’re super fun to make (even more so to destroy).

-Eunice and Sabrina Moyle | Hello!Lucky