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Life + Moments for Me + Party / Thursday, 20 Jun 2013

Moment for me: gelato party

photography by Griffith Jones

Once upon a time I hosted a Halloween costume contest. One of the winners was Michele Brummer-Everett, who was an amazing pencil. Michele and I started emailing and once I found out we were moving to UT I asked her some questions about the area since she lives here. Well, the DAY I moved into our new apartment in Provo, my landlord (who is the BEST) said, “oh, you might like the girl across the street. She’s an illustrator and textile designer and she’s from South Africa” and I was, like, “say what? I think I know her.” And I did! I immediately ran across the street, rang her door, and I said “HELLO!!!!” with outstretched arms. LIKE SHE KNEW WHO I WAS. Graciously, she smiled and I explained “I’m Brittany! The House That Lars Built girl” and then it all came together. So, just like that, we made friends with the Everetts. I feel very lucky to call Michele a friend. ESPECIALLY when she forces you to have a birthday party–an outdoor movie party at her house. She’s bossy like that. She designed the cutest invitation because she knows me so well:

And I want it to be my life logo. I want it on stationery, t-shirts, book bags, tattoos…

I asked Haagen Dazs if they would send me tons of gelato for the evening and they were gracious enough to accomodate with some limoncello, dark chocolate chip, cherry, straciatella….mmmm.

 And she made this adorable garland with seed packets!!!!


And for the outdoor movie, Daniel set up a projector and we watched You’ve Got Mail. Surprisingly, all the guys in attendance knew it by heart.  ??????????????

And as a favor, Michele made thank you packets with chocolate covered sunflower seeds in seed packets. Is she too much?!?!

Michele, you are the best. Thank you.

I’m working with Haagend Dazs for a few moments sharing my everyday experiences that make life so good. It’s called HDmoments. I’m sure you have your own moments. Tag them with #hdmoments so we can all see them! 

Moments for Me + Party + printable + Projects / Thursday, 6 Jun 2013

Moment for me: National doughnut day

A trip to the local bakery this week told me that National Doughnut day is TOMORROW! And because doughnuts are the new cupcake (right?!) now is the time to celebrate (look at Jordan’s fancy donut party. You can be sure that we are not that fancy round these parts). I always took doughnuts for granted until I married a foreigner who taught me that doughnuts are “so” American. Now, I see them as they should be: a delightful American treat. I’m all about that. Because Paul is also training for the upcoming Tour de Donut, basically a bike race combined with donuts (each donut eaten shaves off 3 minutes from your time), I decided to surprise him with some “donut training” this morning. Of course, I had to make some decorations too. 
If you’ve been following along, you’ll have noticed that I’m doing a collab with Haagen Dazs where they provide me with a box of goodies each month (including a box of GELATO) to treat me to certain “moments“. This past month they gifted me some items for summer entertaining like fun plates, napkins, and placemats so of course, I had to use them for our moment. 

A proper doughnut (donut?) celebration includes a donut garland, of course. I made you a free printable for the occasion.

Supplies: scissors, template, baker’s twine or string, needle, glue stick, hole punch (1/16″) this one by Martha Stewart will change your life

Step 1: Cut out the template (print off from here. I printed mine from a heavier laser paper). I made two of each, one is the reflection of the other for front and back purposes. 
Step 2: Cut out the middles.
Step 3: Glue stick around the middle. 
Step 4: Fold over.
Step 5: Cut around the donut.
Step 6: Punch two holes in the top of the donut.
Step 7: Thread a needle and pull the twine through the holes.
Step 8: Add on all the donuts
Supplies: Scissors, template, skewers, glue
Step 1: Cut out the flags (download the template here)
Step 2: Add glue onto the edge of the flag.
Step 3: Roll it around the top of the skewer. 

 Stick ’em in your tower. Donzo!

To make it a surprise, cut out some extra doughnuts and lead them from the bedroom into the dining room. Who doesn’t want a trail of donuts? The modern day Hansel and Gretel.
Ladies and gentlemen, How to eat a donut, by Brittany Watson Jepsen:

Because I’m classy like that.

This post was made from a true love of doughnuts, but sponsored by Haagen Dazs. Don’t let me have the only donut party, create your own moments! When you do, tag them with #hdmoment on your social networks. Haagen Dazs will share their favorites on their Moments for Me page. 

photography by Mandy Phillips from Thimble n Thistle

collaborations + flowers + Life + Moments for Me / Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Moment for me: Tulip Festival

photography by Griffith Jones
Haagen Dazs gifted me a trip to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point–it’s like they KNOW me!–for my most recent Moment for Me. (If you’re just joining us, I’ll be doing a few of these Moments for Me in the next couple of moments. Feel free to create your own #hdmoment) I brought along my buddies  Audrey, Griff, and Michele for a trip to the buds. 
First off, I guess I was expecting, well, Holland, to my trip to the Tulip Festival. I came to find out that it really just means paths of tulips. Still beautiful. But not this. Just good to know in case you keep going around the bends of the path and think that you somehow missed it. You didn’t. 
Along with the tulips there were other goodies like the daffodils and kale. I love kale! Give me some of that electric purple any day!
We had to take this pic. Had to.
Here I am being all poetic with a line from Secret Garden at the Thanksgiving Point Secret Garden. 
And here we are being all Three Stooges at that same Secret Garden.

Man, I’m loving these Moments for Me. Haagen Dazs is nailing it! Check out more Moments for Me here and start adding in your own!