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DIY + Life + mother's day / Monday, 7 May 2018

Treat Yourself: Mother’s Day Gift Card

Mother's Day Gift Card Holder

During my visits to the midwife and subsequent hospital and doctor visits, one thing that has surprised me is how much concern has been shown about my mental health. I didn’t know I would be asked so often how I’m doing mentally as well as physically and it really got me thinking about all the intense feelings that are associated with all the drastic changes that come with motherhood, some we never get to talk about because we’re supposed to be so blissed out about the birth of our baby. And we are! But it can often be shrouded with a gloom that we don’t expect, want, or know how to handle. In this age of social media where hearing about postpartum depression is becoming much more normal than ever before, it’s been wonderful to know that we can talk about what a subject that used to be considered sensitive. In fact, 1 in 7 women experience postpartum depression–quite high–so we need to address it and treat it.

Mother's Day Gift Card Holder

A few weeks ago I was privileged to sit down with an expert from Intermountain Healthcare, to talk about mental health and awareness for new moms. May is Mental Health month so it was the perfect opportunity to do so. Prior to giving birth, I had talked with a number of close friends about their experiences with postpartum depression and baby blues so I felt like I knew that it very well could be a possibility, even though I don’t have a history of depression myself nor does it run in my family. And that’s just it! You don’t have to have a history of depression in order to get postpartum depression. There are a number of other factors that can lead to it.

The more I had been prepped to address potential depression post-baby, the more questions I had, so talking with an expert was a genuine treat for me. I couldn’t help but flood her with questions. I feel incredibly lucky that I haven’t experienced it (yet?), but there have definitely moments since giving birth to Jasper where I can see how certain elements, if sustained, could contribute to a more permanent low period. I wanted to share some of the information I received in hopes that you might learn them yourself and share these resources with your friends. Intermountain Healthcare has some wonderful tips and information beneficial for new moms, but also just women in general.

Download the Mother’s Day Gift Card above and hear more about what’s helping me adjust to motherhood!

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Crafts + DIY + mother's day + Projects / Monday, 8 May 2017

Mother’s Day Bouquet Gift Card

Mother's Day gift card
Is your mom the mom that has everything? I feel like I often give my mom the same type of scarf, jewelry, or lotion every year. But not this year! My sister and I have been planning a girls trip with my mom for the past few months and it could not be more perfect. We all live far apart from one another so opportunities to get together are few and far between. Mother’s Day provided the perfect excuse for all of us to head to Vegas this year! To avoid having three separate cars, we booked cheap flights and plan to meet at the airport. However, that left the question of how we’d navigate the city…

Mother's Day gift card

Uber to the rescue! I’m getting my mom an Uber gift card to take care of all our driving needs in Las Vegas! Uber is a gift my Mom can actually use, and will make our trip so much easier and less stressful. Forget renting a car, parking, stopping for gas, etc.. We’re planning on using Uber to chauffer us around to our favorite destinations. Number on our list? The Celine Dion concert! So I packaged the card up in a Mother’s Day Bouquet Gift Card (illustrated by the lovely Danielle Kroll), overflowing with paper flowers. Who knew a gift card could be so pretty? So whatever your Mother’s Day plans are, make your mom’s life easier with an Uber gift card. She’s sure to like it more than another scarf.

Get the Mother’s day card download after the jump!

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mother's day + Projects / Thursday, 23 Apr 2015

Mother’s Day card vases

Mother's Day card vases with paper flowers

As announced earlier, I’m teaching a workshop at Anthropologie in Salt Lake City on May 7th and as you know, I’m a huge flower lover, as is my mom, so flowers have to be involved somehow. I know. You’re shocked. This time I decided to make her a card that could also act as a gift and we’ll be making it at the workshop AND I’m providing it for you here today and on the Anthro blog. I came up with this 2D Mother’s Day card that becomes a perfect vase for some delightful paper flowers. It reads, “Dear mother, all flowers remind me of you” based on one of my favorite children’s songs. I had one of my favorite illustrators, Danielle Kroll, work her magic and I love how it turned out! Anthro graciously provided me with some of their products to be used as props. My dream come true.

Mother's Day card vaseMother's Day card vasered printoutMother's Day card vaseblue printout anthro vases

This is one card that I’m actually quite thrilled to give to my mom (sent in the mail, of course!). You could even stick it in an 8×10″ frame and give it as a piece of art.

Crafting/Styling/Photography by Brittany Jepsen  |  Illustration by Danielle Kroll

Click below for full tutorial!

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collaborations + Design + Food + mother's day + Party + Projects / Wednesday, 8 Apr 2015

Mother’s Day brunch & dinnerware sale

The House Lars Built Dinnerware for Twig NYMother's Day brunch ideas with dinnerware from Twig NY by The House That Lars Built crepe cake recipe for Mother's Day

When I see a product I love sometimes I have a hard time envisioning how I would use it and incorporate it into the things I already have. Perhaps the same goes with you? So, I thought it would be fun to show you how I styled my three dinnerware collections for Twig NY for three different parties/gatherings starting with this first one, a Mother’s Day brunch. I used my Scandinavian Flowers collection for the gathering pulling inspiration from a Danish summer home—the kind I used to visit when we lived there. Think farm tables and woods and gorgeous spring flowers (by my favorite Tinge Floral).  I paired it with a complementary palette of blues and mints and blush pinks and set a table of a crepe cake (by my favorite food ladies, Ramblin Rose Cafe) topped with edible flowers, macarons, tea, donuts, yogurt, and fresh juices.

And good news! My dinnerware collections are on sale from now until May 5th. Save up to 20%. And get free shipping on orders over $85 until April 30th.

If you do use my dinnerware for your events, take a pic and tag it with #LarsForTwig. I love to see how you use it!

Photography by Chaunte Vaughn  |  Food by Ramblin Rose Cafe  |  Styled by Brittany Jepsen  |  Flowers by Tinge Floral  |  Macarons by Seine Macarons  |  Additional dinnerware accessories provided by Terrain

Complete the look:

Scandinavian flowers dinner plate  |  Scandinvian flowers dessert plates  | Scandinavian flowers mugs  | Scandinavian flowers bowls  |    Rose tumblers  |  Pale mint tablecloth  |  Gold-tipped flatware  |  Small ceramic ring dish  |  pink ceramic dishes from Suite One Studio  |  Edible flowers  |  Grey ceramic dessert tray

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Food + mother's day / Thursday, 8 May 2014

Breakfast in bed idea for Mother’s Day

Breakfast in bed idea for Mother's Day with lavender honey crepe cake
bowl of fresh fruit and blackberry lemonade

GASP! “Brittany, there’s food on the blog? What’s going on?” I know you must be thinking that you came to the wrong site today, but wonder no more. This IS food. It’s edible. And it’s awesome! I’m horrific in the kitchen but I love to eat so the the big question was, how to combine the two? I’ve teamed up with the wonderful Karlee Bronson and food photographer Laura Sumrak to start featuring more recipes that will make your mouth drool. We’re focusing on more healthy choices because uh, my skirts don’t fit like they used to and I thought it would be nice to create dishes that are gorgeous, delectable and mostly guilt-free. Good combo, right?

I’m not the biggest fan of the idea of bringing food parcels into bed, but this one is pretty crumb free so I’m all over the idea of a crepe cake with layers of creme and hints of lavender. Basically anything with creme I’m a fan of. Karlee got the recipe from some friends who lived in Russia and came up with the perfect crepe recipe from their Russian friends. We topped off the meal with a bowl of fresh fruit and blackberry lemonade sweetened with honey. AND, there’s NO SUGAR!

No sugar lavender honey crepe cake
No sugar lavender honey crepe cake recipe
lavender honey crepe cake recipe
lavender honey crepe cake recipe

photography by Laura Sumrak
recipes and assisting styling by Karlee Bronson
styling and art direction by Brittany Jepsen

Click below for recipes

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