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collaborations + Design + Life + my shop / Friday, 12 Dec 2014

New dinnerware collections out today!

Remember the little teaser I gave a few months back about my new dinnerware collections with Twig NY? Well, today’s the day! The online shop is OPEN NOW and you can now purchase the three collections I’ve designed.

I’ve been a big fan of plates and dinnerware since I was a girl. When my family went on road trips I would buy those tacky souvenir plates and hang them on my walls. There’s something about a circular design in ceramic that just gets me. Then during my internship with Celerie Kemble in NYC, she asked me to design a plate for her Tiffany and Co. collaboration and I was over the moon. How did she know about my love affair?! When I moved to Denmark I thought I would pursue it a bit more, which is when I created the line of souvenirs for the royal wedding in plates and mugs. I’ve learned so so much since then and I was so pleased when I was asked to create for Twig.

The first in the collection is Petals. As you are hopefully well aware by now, I love flowers. Like, I LOVE flowers. And I love color (hence, craft the rainbow) and this is the ultimate Craft the Rainbow! Rainbow petals! It’s wild and loud yet so so pretty. It actually looks as if you’re about to devour petals for dinner. It comes in a salad plate, dinner plate, platter, soup bowl, and mug. But I think they would be so so rad as decoration or in a plate collection on a wall. I use the 8″ plate right now as a caddy to hold my keys and stuff. It’s a unique design as it’s totally flat.

The next up is the Scandinavian Florals collection. This is based on my calendar, which I sell in my Etsy shop and I loved transferring it into a series of dinnerware. They’re so delicate yet interesting in their patterns. It comes in a platter, dinner plate, salad plate, cereal bowl, mug, and cup and saucer.

Finally, the Language of Flowers collection. This is based on my Language of Flowers calendar in my shop as well. It comes in a platter, dinner plate, salad plate, dessert plate, salad bowl, cereal bowl, and mug.

What do you think?! Are you into dinnerware? Hopefully you still have some room in your Christmas shopping ūüôā In the coming months I’ll be showing how I style my plates in a few different settings (these were styled by Twig’s creatives). 

Atly + Design + Life + my shop / Friday, 28 Nov 2014

Black Friday sale!

Hello dear readers! Happy Thanksgiving!

As a thank you for all your wonderful support, I’m pleased to announce my Black Friday sale now through Monday. Use the code BLACKFRIDAY14 to get 25% off everything in my shop. That includes 2015 calendars, holiday cards, everything! Use this link to be taken there directly.

ALSO, I’m giving 50% off my DIY Blogger Handbook class on atly. Use the code THANKFUL at checkout to receive your discount. And if you choose to upgrade your purchase to instructor feedback, use the code MORE THANKFUL to get 30% off of the upgrade too!

LASTLY! I teach a paper flower class on Skillshare and I’m giving 25% off today through Monday. Use the code BLACK14 for your discount. Use this link to be taken there.

Hooray! Happy discounting!

What deals will you be shopping for???

christmas + Life + my shop / Thursday, 17 Oct 2013


Last day of the product announcements!
You know I want nothing less than winter to come, but I suppose it will happen whether I allow it or not so why not announce my new Christmas card line now and spread some early cheer, just for you overachievers who already have your Christmas gifts bought and wrapped. I was originally approached by Terrain to do a line of cards and had already planned to do some Christmas greenery so it was the perfect marriage. 
The process from designing to printing took much longer than anticipated and I learned A LOT. As petty as I’m sure it sounds (I just finished the Elizabeth Smart book, I get it. Thi is petty) especially as I talk about greeting cards, there were some devastating accidents that happened along the way (bad customer service with some printers I experimented with, etc) but it’s done now and I have some beautiful cards to show for it. 
There are three ways to purchase the cards. 1) in single cards 2) in packs of 8 cards (2 each of 4 designs, the way that Terrain is selling them) 3) in packs of 14 (2 each of all 7 designs). 
If you’re a big letter writer like me (well, used to be a big letter writer until this whole Internet thing) that you know you need lots of cards for the holidays. Amiright? 
And don’t forget to enter the giveaway where one reader will win one of everything featured this week. Read here to enter the giveaway contest or go onto Instagram and simply post a pic from anyone of the products and tag it with #larsgiveaway.
Email me if you’re interested in selling at wholesale!

Life + my shop / Wednesday, 16 Oct 2013

Thank you!

Day three of new products! Hooray! The Scandinavian floral design now comes in a thank you card. You can get it as a single card or as a pack of 8 cards. 
Don’t forget to enter the giveaway where one reader will win all of my new products. See this post for more info.

DIY + flowers + my shop + Projects / Tuesday, 15 Oct 2013

2014 Language of Flowers calendar & DIY

You’ve seen this one before, but it’s become a (self-imposed) classic. My 2014 Language of Flowers calendar is out now! If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s based on the Victorian language of flowers, where every flower means something different. The wreath contains a variety of flowers that each spells out a sentence in a love letter. I only divulge the contents of the letter once you receive the calendar in the mail. Because I’m tricky like that. Muhahaha.

I decided to add a big of gold glam to my accessories for the shoot so I DIY’d this bull dog clip with gold leaf and the picture frame from yesterday’s post (I had to, I didn’t realize it takes 2 weeks to get a frame back! I’m a professional procrastinator). The frame was a find from Michael’s and I just gold leafed the outside edge. 
How to gold-leaf a bull dog clip: (I found the directions the kit provided to not be extensive. You had to guess at a lot of things)
Materials: bull dog clip (like this one), gold-leaf kit (like this one), paint brush
Step 1: Paint the bull dog clip with the basecoat from the kit (not indicated in the directions in the kit) and wait for it to dry.
Step 2: Paint the adhesive onto the desired surfaces and wait a half hour to become sticky.
Step 3: You’ll use one whole sheet on this bull dog clip. I applied mine like a blanket onto the clip and then went in and secured it into the angles of the clip.
Step 4: Continue taking bits of gold leaf and holding it onto the adhesive. Make sure you go under the rounded parts. Brush off any excess with a different brush.
Step 5: When finished applying the gold leaf, apply the clear coat on top. 
Step 6: Wait a couple of hours for it to fully dry before using.
This was my first time gold leafing and I found it to be a very fun process. I might have gold leaf fever so don’t be surprised if my walls turn gold leaf. 
Check out the new 2014 Language of Flowers calendar in my Etsy shop and don’t forget to enter the giveaway to win all of the products I show this week. 
photography by Cassidy Tuttle